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  • Tech Highlights from InFocus 2020

      During InFocus this year, the Oracle JDE Product Teams gave us a sneak peek of the new and exciting features now available in Tools 9.2.5. As a CNC myself, I enjoyed attending and presenting on several virtual sessions that showcased the tools, technologies and approaches that others are using to simplify, automate and optimize […]

  • InFocus 20 Recap & Resources: Illustrating #ContinuousInnovation

    One of the things I enjoy most about the JDE community is the incredible opportunity to connect with new & longtime customers, partners & friends while sharing innovative stories & experiences – whether that’s in-person or now virtually. I was lucky enough last week to be a part of InFocus 20, which brought together 1500+ JDE users for a whirlwind week of educational sessions, networking, customer stories, latest product & […]

  • Invest in Quest, Invest in YOU

    “The influence that Quest Oracle Community has had across my life and career is immeasurable. Most of my business relationships and many dear friendships have been shaped through our encounters at Collaborate, INFOCUS and various regional events. If ever there was a time to support the success of Quest it is now. Register for INFOCUS […]

  • JDE Week Recap & Resources: Navigating a New ‘Digital Normal’

    The CE team just wrapped up our first ever virtual conference experience with the Quest Forum Digital Event, which featured hundreds of customer success stories, educational sessions, Oracle updates, networking and reimagined exhibit experiences across several weeks (if you missed Innovation Week, I did publish a recap blog which includes links to the JDE Keynote […]

  • Quest Innovation Week JDE Recap & Resources

    Source: JDE Keynote April 20 2020 It’s hard to believe that the JDE community would have been together in person this week in Las Vegas – and harder to imagine an April without COLLABORATE! Last year was one of my favorite COLLABORATE conferences yet, and although I am disappointed to miss the face-to-face educational and networking opportunities, I’m grateful that Quest and the […]

  • Enhancing Your Home Office – Tips & Tricks

    Blog Credit: Andy Chase Some of you like me may have been working from a home office for as long as you can remember. Others may be experiencing the home office transition for the first time due to supporting these recent COVID-19 changes. Having worked from home since 2001 I’m happy to share a few […]

  • Top 20 Reasons to Change JDE MSPs in 2020

    Blog Credit: Andy Chase This started in theory as Top 10, however once we collected inputs from our practice leaders & JDE customers it quickly grew to 20! Whether negotiating your next MSP renewal or exploring managed services for the first time, hopefully your company finds some value in this analysis as you look to […]

  • New Year, New JDE Apps & Tools: 9.2.4 Featured Highlights

    Photo Credit:   Are you planning to upgrade to 9.2.4 this year to benefit from any of these cool new features? With the turn of this new ‘roaring’ decade, 2020 brings not only at least 10 more years of premier support for 9.2, but also the new Apps & Tools 9.2.4 – and with […]

  • For the Love of 1099s! Preparing for JD Edwards Year-End

      Are you prepared to meet upcoming year-end processing deadlines? As 2019 quickly comes to an end, it’s time to set up your EnterpriseOne systems and processes to meet and stay compliant with 1099 and US payroll reporting requirements. For JD Edwards customers, most of the tasks can be performed using Accounts Payable, HCM (Payroll, Time and Labor) and Address Book systems, as well as applying current ESUs to […]

  • InFocus 19 Recap & Resources: Showcasing Digital Success

      This year’s JD Edwards INFOCUS conference set a record for the highest number of customer attendees, while featuring more inspiring case studies, innovative products & solutions and fun, interactive networking than ever. It was also a big week for the CE team, as our enhanced partnership with Quest meant that CE was seemingly everywhere – from Speed Networking, sponsorship of conference lanyards & backpacks, OREUG and multiple booths showcasing Smart Scheduler, […]

  • Guest Post: A CFO’s Secret Weapon for Controlling Outbound Cash Flows

      After years of defensive strategies, CFOs are squarely focused on helping grow their business. Most CFOs say that helping their business develop strategies for growth is a top priority, per Accenture.  To accomplish this, CFOs must partner with management teams across the organization to align everyone in achieving the same goals. Supporting technology, often […]

  • Collaborate 19 CE Innovations Recap

      In part one of my recap, I shared several JDE customer success stories, journey maps and announcements from the JD Edwards keynote and roadmap sessions at Collaborate 19 (I also included links to the recordings and presentations). Here’s part two, where I’m highlighting my favorite moments and activities including CE product & service innovations, more customer success stories, unique product giveaways made by companies who […]

  • Collaborate 19 JDE Recap & Resources

      The CE team just wrapped up a fun and inspiring week at COLLABORATE 19, where we were energized by the new city and new and longtime customers, friends and partners. From COLLABORATE’s move to San Antonio to CE’s expanded Platinum Elite partnership with Quest to the customer successes and digital transformation stories highlighted in the JD Edwards keynote, roadmap and other educational sessions, […]

  • Great News, JD Edwards: E1 Apps & Tools Release 9.2.3 Featured Highlights

    Photo Credit: Which 9.2.3 features are you most excited about? Are you currently benefiting from or planning to leverage any of these cool features? This holiday season brought us both the latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release and the latest Tools Release 9.2 Update 3, packed with user-friendly enhancements and tools that enable customers to personalize their E1 experiences and transform […]

  • A Guide to Automation: Month-End Close

      2005: Mike is working at ABC Realty, a real estate investment trust. He is responsible for closing the accounting period for his 100+ companies in different regions with various closing schedules every month. As part of the business process, the accounting teams from different areas send multiple emails, after they have verified that all […]

  • A Guide to Automation: Source to Settle

    Is your Source to Settle process completely integrated? Are you using the available technologies to automate most of your Source to Settle processes (S2S)? Did you know that automating S2S processes can lead to Lower TCO, working capital optimization, availability of material and more opportunities to pursue new sources of value? With many discrete systems, organizations […]

  • INFOCUS 18 Recap & Resources: #YouMakeItHappen

      This year’s JD Edwards INFOCUS conference buzzed with excitement, energy and collaboration – and set a record for highest number of customer attendees.   It was an exciting week for the CE team as well, as we celebrated 15 years of customer success stories and product and service innovations. [Quest’s conference lanyards featured our special edition anniversary […]

  • Collaborate 18 CE Innovation Recap

    In part one of my recap, I wrote about what I learned in the JD Edwards keynote and roadmap session at Collaborate 18 (if you haven’t checked it out, I also included recording links and session presentations). Here’s part two of my recap, where I’m sharing insight into CE’s product and service innovations and success stories, including some of the brilliant resources behind it all. CE […]

  • Collaborate 18 JDE Recap & Resources

    The CE team just wrapped up a full and amazing week at the COLLABORATE conference in Las Vegas, where we enjoyed #GoodTimesWithJDE and connecting with new and longtime customers, friends and partners. As this was my first conference with Circular Edge, I had a lot to learn and took advantage of my conference pass by attending the JD Edwards keynote and subsequent roadmap session. […]

  • How & Why We Enjoy Positive, Happy & Flexible Relationships with Our Customers (and Each Other)

      One of the first things I noticed upon joining Circular Edge last year is our leadership’s contagious passion for going above and beyond to support the happiness and success of our team and our customers. It is this genuine care for one another that serves as our mission: to remain a positive, happy and flexible work environment […]

  • JDEtips – CNC Tips and Tricks for the Newbie
    By request from our customers in the last few years, I have written and presented a great deal on the topic of CNC Tips and Tricks for Newbies and we plan to make much of this content available to our customers via webinars and presentations. We also plan to showcase a series of CNC Tips [...]