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Implement Oracle CX Sales in 30 Working Days

Adopt & Deploy CX Sales from Start to Finish in 30 Days with CE’s Fast Track Implementation Methodology


Today’s leading sales teams are leveraging responsive, intelligent sales platforms such as CX SalesCPQ and B2B Service to automate Quote to Order processes, engage & nurture customer, supplier & partner relationships and speed up the pace of sales cycles – all while delivering personalized customer experiences.

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  • Explore the full suite of Oracle CX Sales solutions – from Sales Force Automation to CPQ, B2B Service, etc.
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  • Learn how to rapidly realize your sales enablement ROI

Fast Track Implementation Timeline

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CX Sales Fast Track Implementation includes:

  • Core Sales Force Automation
  • Account / Contact Management
  • Lead /Opportunity Management
  • Sales Coach, Sales Campaigns
  • Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Activity Object Extensions
  • Logic Extensions / Validations / Custom Notifications
  • Mobile UI, Outlook UI
  • Basic Service Module Setup
  • Data Migrations (Account, Contact & Product)
  • New Custom Reports / Dashboards
  • Integrations (Parameterized URL)
  • Language of Implementation (English)
  • Training
  • Application Support
  • Smart Help Ongoing Support
  • L1 Skills Enablement
  • Security
  • Common Troubleshooting
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Additional Configuration / Customization Options:

  • Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Activity Object Extensions
  • New Custom Objects
  • Logic Extensions / Validation / Custom Notifications
  • Sales Campaigns Custom HTML Templates
  • New Custom Reports / Dashboards
  • Modification of OOTB Reports / Dashboards
  • Business Unit Specific Customizations
  • Mobile UI, Outlook UI Customizations
  • Data Migration of Additional Objects
  • Sales Quota, Forecasting
  • Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Service Module Customizations
  • Co-Existence (Real-Time / Batch Data Integrations with Other Apps)
  • Internationalization (Multi-Lingual / Currency)
  • Application Support
  • More Customization Options Upon Request
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