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Maintain business continuity and build a proactive strategy for protecting your applications

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the upkeep of your Cloud EPM application is no longer an afterthought but a strategic necessity. An effective maintenance strategy mitigates the impact that unplanned outages of mission- and business-critical systems have on an enterprise’s ability to operate.
Many companies may not consider tuning and maintaining their EPM applications regularly – until the application becomes corrupted or in the case of major data loss. Now’s the time to protect your applications, calculations, and reports to maintain business continuity.

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  • Data Vulnerability: Cloud EPM applications gather varying amounts of data from ERP and enterprise applications, making data and artifact management critical.
  • Business Downtime: The potential impact of application downtime due to corruption poses risks of data loss and detrimental changes to your business operations.
  • Backup Management: Maintaining sufficient application backups in the Cloud EPM instance and ensuring they are readily available in case of failure is a significant challenge.
  • Performance Concerns: Oracle emphasizes the need to control application size to avoid adverse effects on performance.
  • Resource Intensive: Managing backups on local servers demands significant investments in storage disks and administrative resources for daily activities.

Business Benefits of an Oracle Cloud EPM Tune-Up

Our tailored solution not only addresses the current challenges in maintaining a Cloud EPM application but also provides a proactive strategy for resilience and business continuity. Organizations can operate confidently, knowing that their critical systems are well-protected, and potential risks are effectively mitigated.
Proactive Data Protection
Business Continuity
Efficient Backup Management
Cost-Effective Resilience
Comprehensive Maintenance
Oracle Cloud Readiness

Customer Case Study

Large Academic Retailer Takes Proactive Approach to Protect Their Oracle Cloud EPM Applications

A large retailer was challenged when their Oracle Cloud EPM application became corrupted, leaving their system down for several days. 
Schedule a 1on1 discussion with our Cloud EPM team to learn how this retailer engaged CE to restore their application and put into place a proactive strategy to protect against future issues.
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