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NetSuite Health Check & Optimization

A health check can go a long way in identifying areas of improvement and potential cost savings

Our team of NetSuite experts provides a comprehensive health check, aimed at examining the present state of your NetSuite setup and identifying areas of improvement where business operations can be enhanced.

We perform a full analysis of your NetSuite system and advise on best practices, system setups and workflow changes to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your NetSuite usage. 

We ensure that your implementation is fully optimized and aligned with your company objectives. 

Contact us today to schedule your Health Check and take the first step towards keeping your NetSuite performing at its best.

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What is a NetSuite Health Check?

A Health Check is a complete analysis of your NetSuite system, which comprises the following components:

  • Performance Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Security Analysis
  • Configuration Analysis
  • Functional Analysis

Many companies leverage the results of a NetSuite Health Check to identify the root cause of difficulties, understand the performance of the system, and adjust for better efficiency.

Why is a Health Check Important?

Facing challenges with NetSuite? A health check can be the solution to various issues impacting your system’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Tackle Performance Issues

Overcome slow system performance and long loading times that affect user productivity, caused by inefficient configurations or large data volumes.

Resolve Customization Complications

Address problems arising from excessive or poorly implemented customizations that lead to system instability and upgrade difficulties.

Fix Integration Challenges

Ensure smooth data flow and functionality across integrated systems like CRM or e-commerce platforms, preventing inconsistencies and errors.

Improve Data Integrity

Correct issues with incorrect or duplicate data entries that compromise decision-making and operational efficiency.

Utilize Features Effectively

Discover and leverage underused NetSuite features to enhance your business operations without additional costs.

Enhance Compliance and Security

Strengthen your system against security risks and ensure compliance with data protection regulations through a thorough security review.

Support Scalability

Prepare your system to support future growth by ensuring it can handle increasing users, transactions, and data volumes.

Benefits of a NetSuite Health Check

Improve System Performance and Efficiency

NetSuite Health Check helps discover and resolve issues that affect the system's performance, leading to better efficiency.

Better Alignment of NetSuite with Business Processes

NetSuite Health Check ensures that NetSuite is configured and tailored to align with the business processes.

Optimization of NetSuite Configurations and Customizations

NetSuite Health Check helps discover areas of improvement in the NetSuite system's configuration and customization.

Reduced Risk of System Downtime and Data Loss

NetSuite Health Check helps discover areas of improvement in the NetSuite system's configuration and customization.

Greater User Experience and Productivity

NetSuite Health Check helps identify and resolve issues that affect the user experience, resulting in greater productivity.

NetSuite Health Check Process

Discussion & Pre-Consultation

Address concerns & challenges related to your NetSuite experience.

Account Review & Documentation

Thorough review of your account, including configuration, security, data integrity, customizations, etc.

Examination &

Analyze your configuration to identify unused customizations & optimization opportunities.

Planning &

Summarize key discoveries and necessary changes; reconfigure and test system.

NetSuite Health Check FAQ's

The optimal frequency for executing a NetSuite Health Check depends on the size and complexity of the NetSuite system and the business’s demands. However, it is recommended to run a NetSuite Health Check at least once a year.

Yes, NetSuite Health Check can be customized according to your specific business requirements. We work directly with businesses to understand their needs and adapt the NetSuite Health Check procedure accordingly.

The duration of a NetSuite Health Check depends on the size and complexity of the NetSuite system. Our team will provide a projected timetable for the NetSuite Health Check procedure based on the business’s requirements.

Yes, our team will provide ideas on how to address issues detected during the NetSuite Health Check. These recommendations are based on the best practices and knowledge of NetSuite experts and are personalized to correspond with the business’s goals.

The cost of NetSuite Health Check depends on the size and complexity of the system and the scope of the process. Reach out to us for a customized quote!