InFocus 20 Recap & Resources: Illustrating #ContinuousInnovation

One of the things I enjoy most about the JDE community is the incredible opportunity to connect with new & longtime customers, partners & friends while sharing innovative stories & experiences – whether that’s in-person or now virtually. I was lucky enough last week to be a part of InFocus 20, which brought together 1500+ JDE users for a whirlwind week of educational sessionsnetworkingcustomer stories, latest product & service innovationsunique giveaways made by companies running JDE, Oracle updates & so much more #ContinuousInnovation #DigitalSuccess #NextGenRPA #GoodTimesWithJDE

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JD Edwards Re-Imagined

The Oracle JDE product teams continue to reimagine the business transformation that can be achieved with 9.2 by delivering apps & tools that enable JDE customers to move forward with Application OptimizationDigital Transformation, and System Automation.

And with 75% of JDE customers now running on 9.2620+ new features delivered and Premier Support extension until at least 2031, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of all that JDE has to offer.

We also saw a sneak peek of the latest features & enhancements which will be delivered with Release 9.2.5 🎉 (official LearnJDE announcement & updated 9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper coming soon! Sign up here to receive the updated whitepaper once available)

First, an overview of future planned & upcoming 9.2.5 enhancements –

Safe Harbor Statement – The above is intended to outline general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, timing, and pricing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products may change and remains at the sole discretion of Oracle Corporation.

Did you know? There’s been more than 600 enhancements delivered on the 9.2 code line since its release and lots more to come 💡

Then a few examples of how customers are innovating with available 9.2 tools including Orchestrator, Mobile, IoT, Chatbots, CPQ Integration, Automation & UX One 

Which was a perfect setup for CE Customer Success Stories Educational Highlights.

CE Customer Success Stories & Educational Highlights

Continuing the theme of illustrating digital success with JDE, CE sessions featured customers who are adopting next-gen RPA & transforming their businesses to overcome challenges & increasing digital demands as well as leveraging new product & service innovations to accelerate their ERP & Cloud roadmaps.

One customer case study featured Atrion Medical, a specialty medical device manufacturer, who rolled out more than 30 notifications across sales, purchasing, work orders & QA to proactively keep their users informed and enable them to quickly take action. Trent also shared some lessons learned from their E1 upgrade, including the importance of testing & training key stakeholders.

Another case study demonstrated how Wilbur Curtis, a leading coffee brewing equipment manufacturer, gained greater visibility into production capacity across work centers, delivered upon next-gen RPA initiatives, and ultimately got back to brewing by eliminating E1 production scheduling challenges. By leveraging PlanIQ (an advanced work order scheduling & resource allocation tool), Wilbur Curtis also achieved 2X faster processing time to reschedule work orders with half the number of clicks.

Another favorite session featured Phibro Animal Health, an animal health and mineral nutrition company, who achieved touchless SOX compliance while minimizing SOD conflicts to automate, simplify & streamline business processes. Vince shared how they have transformed their manual, paper-based recertification processes using AtomIQJDESignALLOut Security, etc. to make them interactivedigital & visible to audit teams and managers. This automation & digitization also became more important to Phibro as many employees continue to work from home.

Further, CE showcased the ways customers in the Real Estate industry have innovated with JDE, Cloud, machine learning, Attended & Unattended RPAChatbotsOrchestrator & more to transform & automate processes while improving customer & employee UX.

After hearing the many customer stories involving automation, I was excited to learn more about the tools & technologies that made it all possible. During 9.2 Ways to Use Orchestrator for System Admin Functions, Tonio demonstrated how the latest innovations can help empower System Admins and CNCs to automate repetitive, manual & time-consuming IT activities while delivering the highest quality of service to the business. We also got a sneak peek of two new CE product innovations that help make a CNC’s life easier – Server Manager Mobile App & Self Service Password Reset.

CE also showcased two more product innovations during Eliminate JDE Batch Job Challenges with Smart Scheduler and RPA & Business Process Automation using AtomIQ & Orchestrator.

Tonio first took us on test drive of Smart Scheduler to demonstrate exciting new features including the ability to call E1 Orchestrationsemail Work Center messages directly to your inbox and load balancing, as well as new add-ons including user-submitted jobs and Smart Build package automation.

Then we explored AtomIQ for robotic & business process automation in and around JDE. Nitin demonstrated just a few of the hundreds of use cases, including Release Held OrdersMonth End CloseEliminate Capacity Constraints in E1, etc. What is neat about AtomIQ is that whether you are currently leveraging the JDE Orchestrator, or on an older release without Orchestrator functionality, you can take advantage of all its features.

#IllustratingDigitalSuccess #ContinuousInnovation

A few more highlights:

Unique customer giveaways featuring Innovations in Consumer Experience & KINDness – all made by companies running JDE!

New product innovations & demos: Server Manager Mobile App, Self Service Password Reset, Visualize & Analyze E1 LogsJDESignChatbots & RPAOracle CX Fast Track Implementations, etc.

Insights from JDE customers around how they are moving forward with RPAareas where RPA might be the most beneficial for their organization and more collected from CE’s 2020 RPA Survey (there’s still time to participate & receive back a $10 Amazon gift card & benchmark insights generated from all the data collected)

Virtual exhibit booth featuring Smart Help Staff Aug+, new & flagship Product Innovations and Consulting & Managed Services Innovations (see the list below!)

* Sharing new CE digital resources including the recently launched 2020 RPA Survey, For the Love of (Robotic) Process Automation GuideLatest 9.2 Capabilities WhitepaperOrchestrator Training & WebinarsTop 20 Reasons to Consider Changing MSPsEnhancing Your Home Office Tips & Tricks & more

Additionally, full presentation slide decks from CE sessions are available to JDE customers upon request. Please do consider me at your service if you wish to request access, have any questions, additional resource needs or if you’d like to explore CE product & service innovations 1on1. I am happy to help!

New CE Product Innovations

Flagship CE Product Innovations

CE Consulting & Managed Services Innovations


Replays Available: Customer Stories & Educational Sessions

CE Customer Success Stories Illustrate the Importance of Automation with JDE

2020 RPA Survey

Upcoming Webinar Lineup (JDE Fulfillment Mgmt, Revenue Recognition, EDI & E1 Orchestrator, Work Order Scheduling, Order Allocation, eCommerce, Financial Close Automation, Top 10 Achievable Projects, etc.)

9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper

For the Love of (Robotic) Process Automation Guide

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