JDE E1 9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper

A supplemental resource to the great content available at LearnJDE and the Quest Oracle Community, this whitepaper provides a holistic overview of all the available tools, features and technologies within 9.2 Apps & Tools to help you become better equipped to move forward in presenting and/or realizing the value of continuous innovation with E1.

This outline and the accompanying 9.2 Upgrade Matrix template are designed to guide you in:

  • Identifying specific technologies your business can leverage
  • Determining areas you want to invest more time in exploring
  • Aligning new capabilities to specific business needs
  • Realizing the value of continuous adoption & innovation

As an additional benefit, once you request this whitepaper, you will automatically receive updated versions whenever Oracle JDE announces new 9.2 capabilities. Complete the form below to receive the latest version and subscribe to all future versions.

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