InFocus 19 Recap & Resources: Showcasing Digital Success


This year’s JD Edwards INFOCUS conference set a record for the highest number of customer attendees, while featuring more inspiring case studiesinnovative products & solutions and funinteractive networking than ever. It was also a big week for the CE team, as our enhanced partnership with Quest meant that CE was seemingly everywhere – from Speed Networking, sponsorship of conference lanyards backpacks, OREUG and multiple booths showcasing Smart Scheduler, AtomIQ, Staff Aug+ and other CE product & service innovations.


Showcasing Digital Success was a central theme of the conference, with a focus on how customers are leveraging the latest tools & technologies to automate and streamline business processesoptimize user experiences and continuously innovate with JDE.


Let Your Light Shine


The JDE keynote kicked off the week with an impressive lineup of customers who joined Lyle Ekdahl on stage to share their experiences, best practices & lessons learned with the latest E1 innovations. What I enjoyed most about these customer stories was getting to hear about the contributions they had made to their respective industries while leveraging JD Edwards. For example, did you know Lutron offers more than 15,000 energy-saving products that save an estimated 10 billion kWh of electricity per year in the US alone?


Leo shared how they “orchestrate bright ideas” by automating financial & operational setup processes with the JDE Orchestrator to enable their organization to become less dependent on people and allow their employees to focus on creative tasks. He also explained their decision to go back on Oracle Support after several years and how it has given them a path forward to continuous innovation.


The keynote also highlighted several other real-life customer success stories:

  • Federated Co-Operatives simplified & streamlined business processes, improved UX by utilizing E1 Pages & Watchlists and modernized their business by engaging their workforce.
  • Edwards Lifesciences accomplished an upgrade lease management implementation to support new regulations and optimize UX with UX One Role-Based Landing Pages & Process Flows.
  • Ledcor Group standardized processes extended their JD Edwards using predictive analyticsmobile appsnotifications & dashboards to constantly monitor Health & Safety situations for potential risks.
  • Holiday Retirement is able to rapidly respond to business needs & reduce IT constraint by leveraging a hybrid cloud model, which allows them to scale their infrastructure up and down as needed to create competitive advantage.
  • The Weitz Company digitized manual tasks & reduced customizations, while taking advantage of all that 9.2 has to offer and continuously adopting new features and functionality.
  • Turner Industries improved its ability to support future business needs by migrating from World to E1 and implementing a modern user interface and developing new power users.


Through these case studies, Lyle reinforced JD Edwards as a platform for innovation & digital transformation and set up the theme of showcasing customer successes.


CE Customer Stories & Educational Highlights

CE educational sessions furthered this theme, beginning with KIND’s Successful Journey Towards RMA Automation. Another inspiring story: KIND’s nonprofit foundation recognizes individuals who go out of their way to help others in need and invests in programs that foster acts of kindness in local communities. During the session, Gilbert shared how KIND eliminated the manual processing of returns, gained visibility into returned items & inventory and optimized their A/R processes, leading to more efficient & productive operations.



Two Oracle-led sessions, Interview with the Orchestra – An Orchestrator Panel Discussion and Realize Value from Notifications Today, also featured CE customer success stories. In the first session, led by AJ Schifano, Leo shared how Orchestrator saved the day for Lutron during their Tools upgrade by enabling them to leverage REST APIs to rewrite 11 integrations in less than 2 months, while creating reusable templates and dashboards to easily launch automations. The panel also featured Stanley Engineered Fastening’s use of Chatbots and Ledcor Group’s use of mobile apps for HSIM.


Sharon Winters led the Notification session, featuring Atrion Medical Products’ experience with rolling out notifications across their business. Trent shared how they were able to easily and quickly implement out-of-the-box notifications to streamline processes & proactively respond to issues.


As automation played a key role in almost all the customer stories, back-to-back CE product innovation sessions were a great way to end the day. During Eliminate JDE Batch Job Challenges with Smart Scheduler, Nitin took us on a test drive to showcase exciting new features including the ability to call E1 Orchestrationsemail Work Center messages directly to your inbox and load balancing, as well as new add-ons including user-submitted jobs and Smart Build package automation.


Further, CE showcased one of our newest flagship products, AtomIQ for robotic & business process automation in and around JD Edwards. Nitin and Shoaib demonstrated just a few of the hundreds of use cases, including Release Held OrdersMonth End CloseEliminate Capacity Constraints in E1, etc. What is neat about AtomIQ is that whether you are currently leveraging the JDE Orchestrator, or on an older release without Orchestrator functionality, you can take advantage of all its features.



A few more of my favorite highlights & how CE showcased customer success stories:

* Innovative product giveaways made by companies running JDE:

  • Power Your JDE Team to Success with CE & KIND: Build-Your-Own KIND Subscription Box
  • Light Up Your Scheduling Experience with Smart Scheduler & Lutron: Caseta by Lutron Smart Home Lighting Kit
  • Orchestrate the Perfect Sound to Your ERP with AtomIQ & Sennheiser: Sennheiser PXC 550 Headphones

* Connecting with so many JDE customers at Speed Networking

* Two booths in one featuring Smart Scheduler & AtomIQ kiosks

* CE Booth where we promoted our 2x Award-Winning Customer Success Formula and Staff Aug+ (enabling customers to tap into 150+ resources whenever/as long as needed)

* Enjoying an awesome conference experience with the CE team and seeing our logo everywhere, from signage & advertising to conference backpacks, lanyards & more


I hope you will join CE & friends at Collaborate 2020, April 19-23 in Las Vegas and INFOCUS 2020, August 25-27 in Denver.


Additionally, full presentation slide decks from CE sessions are available to JDE customers upon request. Should you wish to request access or if you have any questions or other resource needs, please consider me at your service. I am happy to help!


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