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Circular Edge Leadership

Circular Edge’s Executive Leadership and Senior Management bring decades of industry experience, a passion for innovation and a commitment to supporting the success of each and every customer.


sAchin cHoudhari

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Nitin Lakhpat Circular Edge

Nitin Lakhpat

Co-Founder & Vice President, Product Management

Ashim Lakhpat Circular Edge

Ashim Choudhari Lakhpat

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Saravana Kumar Circular Edge

Saravana Kumar

Director – JDE Practice Strategy and Innovation

Andy Chase Circular Edge

Andy Chase

Vice President of Customer Success and Advisory

Scott Wegmann Circular Edge

Scott Wegmann

Regional Vice President of Sales

RJ Linehan Circular Edge

RJ Linehan

Managing Director of Finance & EPM

Tonio Thomas Circular Edge

Tonio Thomas

Director, Cloud and Technology Services

Hari Karnati Circular Edge

Hari Karnati

Senior Director, Solution Engineering

Andria Gordon Circular Edge

Andria Gordon

Director, Global Project Management / Client Relationships

Abhishek Kanungo Circular Edge

Abhishek Kanungo

Director of Engineering

Deepak Venkatesan Circular Edge

Deepak Venkatesan

Director, Program Management

Harshal Sheth Circular Edge

Harshal Sheth

Director, Pre-Sales and Functional Support

Rajeev Radhakrishnan Circular Edge

Rajeev Radhakrishnan

Senior Operations Manager

Krishna Kumar Sinha Circular Edge

Krishna Kumar Sinha

Delivery Manager

Anitha Rasalaiyan Circular Edge

Anitha Rasalaiyan

Operations Manager – India