Circular Edge Invests in the Future Success of Higher Education

CE Invests in the Future Success of Higher Ed

Understanding the remarkable opportunity for organizations to adopt & modernize their digital technologies, CE aligns its resources to support higher education institutions who are facing unprecedented challenges in reaching, engaging and retaining current and prospective students.

Having recently supported a community college in strengthening their student engagement practices and realizing the value of marketing automation, CE will participate in a featured session during Alliance Virtual to demonstrate how higher education institutions of all types can align their people, technology, systems and applications to deliver personalized experiences.

Another way CE supports not only the higher education industry, but the Oracle community as a whole is through several complimentary resources & educational webinars:

“It is near and dear to us at CE to do our part in supporting Oracle customers through this challenging time, especially those in the higher education industry who are facing extraordinary challenges in supporting their campus communities. I have a daughter who attends Rutgers University and she, like many others, is having to adjust and adapt to the new learning environment. I want the best for her and all students who deserve a high-quality education experience.”

Upcoming Webinars