JDE Week Recap & Resources: Navigating a New ‘Digital Normal’

The CE team just wrapped up our first ever virtual conference experience with the Quest Forum Digital Event, which featured hundreds of customer success stories, educational sessions, Oracle updates, networking and reimagined exhibit experiences across several weeks (if you missed Innovation Week, I did publish a recap blog which includes links to the JDE Keynote & Roadmap as well as AtomIQ & Smart Scheduler demos).

Here’s part two, where I’m highlighting how CE supports our customers, the JDE community and Quest in showcasing digital success including case studies, product & service innovations, unique giveaways made by companies running JDE, Covid-19 Bingo Fundraiser and more that made this virtual JDE Week experience great!

CE Customer Stories & Educational Highlights

One customer case study featured Emser Tile, who implemented Oracle CX Cloud to automate their marketing & sales processes from customer inquiry to order. Challenged with disparate systems & data, complex bidding processes and a lack of mobile capabilities across their 78 branches and distribution centers, the company integrated their JD Edwards with Oracle Engagement, Marketing and CPQ Clouds while adopting mobile applications to improve visibility into their customers, sales pipeline and inventory.

I was also excited to see a demo of Oracle’s marketing automation platform during this session (as an Eloqua user myself!) and hear two more customer case studies that included best practices for delivering Integrated ERP/CX Digital Experiences across marketing, sales, service & more.

Another customer case study featured Vince Kelly, who shared how Phibro Animal Health chose and embraced Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in their upgrade to 9.2 to modernize their business from resource-intensive to streamlined, efficient & digital. Phibro leveraged One-Click Provisioning and Simplified Upgrade to achieve system enhancements, a reduction of customizations from 9.1 and new servers to support their future landscape – all while increasing user adoption and making it easier to proactively remain code current with 9.2. What’s next? Phibro plans to drive further value with new functionality including Orchestrator, UX One, Watchlists and Process Automation while growing & expanding JDE around the world.

Plus, we also heard how Phibro is leveraging AtomIQ to integrate 3rd party applications.

Another customer case study featured Casper Sleep, a designer and distributor of mattresses, sleep accessories and sleep technology, who shared how they are continuously innovating with the JDE Orchestrator to better manage & process orders between JDE Inventory Management and 3PL Warehouses. We saw a demo of Casper’s JDE & Flexe Integration which was built using native JDE tools, Orchestrator Studio and the AIS Server to allow for any issues to be handled directly by the business user instead of a developer or product vendor.

We also learned how Casper is using orchestrations and machine learning to resolve system errors quickly and permanently – helping them to move faster towards an autonomous future.

During a customer case study with Alaska Railroad, Drew Dekreon and Nitin (CE Partner & Project Manager) shared how they went all aboard with 9.2 by upgrading Apps & Tools, including lessons learned and keys to success from the upgrade project. One of the most important keys was writing and executing relevant test scripts.

Another interesting takeaway is how the 9.2 upgrade was completed remotely and with limited availability of Alaska Railroad’s internal resources – making the project a tech-only upgrade.

Gilbert Jbeily from KIND joined sAchin for another customer case study to share which JDE Apps & Tools they are leveraging to automate & optimize Returns Management and Order Allocation – all while delivering on their mission to serve their customers authentically & effectively. Challenged with a dramatic increase in online orders due to the pandemic, KIND engaged CE to help empower their service teams with a customized JDE sales order solution to reduce manual, error-prone tasks and fulfill orders equitably. Further, a returns management solution helped to eliminate the manual processing of returns while easily tracking returned items and quantities, saving their customer operations team time, and helping to increase customer satisfaction.

Finally, Leo Gould from Lutron Electronics shared how they orchestrate bright ideas by automating financial & operational setup processes with the JDE Orchestrator to reduce manual, time-consuming tasks – thereby empowering their employees to focus on creative tasks. He also explained their decision to go back on Oracle Support after several years and how it has given them a path forward to continuous innovation.

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A few more highlights:

* Innovative product giveaways made by companies who run JDE (and fun taglines!):

  • Power Your JDE Team to Success with KIND & CE
  • Light Up Your RPA Imagination with Lutron & AtomIQ
  • Revitalize Your Digital Workflows with SoulCycle & JDESign
  • Sleep Better with Casper & Smart Scheduler

* Four virtual exhibit booths featuring Smart Help Staff Aug+ (tap into 160+ resources whenever/as long as needed), AtomIQ (RPA & business process automation in JDE), JDESign (workload automation with eSignatures) & Smart Scheduler (advanced batch job scheduling)

* Unique Bingo Fundraiser & Happy Hour to help raise donations for those on the frontlines fighting Covid-19

* CE’s partnership with Quest as a Platinum Partner

* Connecting with new & longtime JDE friends over Zoom

* Sharing new CE digital resources including For the Love of (Robotic) Process Automation, Latest 9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper, Orchestrator Training & Webinars, Top 20 Reasons to Consider Changing MSPs, Enhancing Your Home Office Tips & Tricks & more

I do hope you & yours are staying safe & healthy during this time and I look forward to connecting at a face-to-face event (perhaps InFocus, scheduled August 25-27) or another virtual conference.

Please do consider me at your service if you have any questions, additional resource needs or if you’d like to explore CE product & service innovations 1on1. I am happy to help!


Replays Available: CE Customer Stories & Educational Sessions https://www.circularedge.com/questforum

CE Demonstrates Its Support of JDE Customers in Navigating a New ‘Digital Normal’ https://www.circularedge.com/questforum/news

Innovation Week Recap & Resources https://www.circularedge.com/blog/quest-innovation-week-jde-recap-resources

9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper http://www.circularedge.com/resources/jde-9-2-outline

For the Love of (Robotic) Process Automation https://www.circularedge.com/resources/rpaguide

Eliminate JDE Batch Job Challenges with Smart Scheduler (Demo Replay): https://www.gotostage.com/channel/d552e579d6a942858789b5a064e21e2a/recording/6654e3d23674466e8168760fd72a26cf/watch?source=CHANNEL

RPA & Business Process Automation in JDE using AtomIQ & Orchestrator (Demo Replay): https://www.gotostage.com/channel/d552e579d6a942858789b5a064e21e2a/recording/af302b1b38af4dca8f7312eb37379ff9/watch?source=CHANNEL



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