New Year, New JDE Apps & Tools: 9.2.4 Featured Highlights

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Are you planning to upgrade to 9.2.4 this year to benefit from any of these cool new features?

With the turn of this new ‘roaring’ decade, 2020 brings not only at least 10 more years of premier support for 9.2, but also the new Apps & Tools 9.2.4 – and with the realization that ~87% of JDE customers will be on the latest version by the end this year (Quest Survey 2018), there has never been a better time to take advantage of #ContinuousInnovation with JD Edwards #2020LetsDoThis

Here are some of the highlights from the latest Apps Release and Tools Release 9.2.4. For those looking to see some of these features in action, CE has several demo replays available on demand including What’s New in Tools 9.2.4 and JDE Orchestrator What’s New. You can also find these enhancements – in addition to a holistic overview of all available 9.2 updates – latest 9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper. These are also great resources to share with your team 😊

Digital Transformation

Redesigned Orchestrator Studio that simplifies the process of creating complex orchestrations for technical & nontechnical users, as well as making it easier to deploy, maintain & secure:

  • Top-level access to all orchestration components directly from the Orchestrator Studio homepage
  • Orchestrations are now displayed in a graphical flow model
  • Run orchestrations directly from within the Studio without requiring a separate sign-on
  • Lists of orchestrations & notifications can now be grouped & sorted by name, date, product code or user-defined category
  • Nested import & export
  • Simplified deployment – the Orchestrator Studio is now deployed as a component of the AIS server
  • Simplified security – users no longer need to be added to an AIS whitelist to access Orchestrator Studio (aligned with the standard E1 application security model)

New Orchestrator Scheduler User Interface that makes it easier to start, stop and monitor scheduled jobs:


  • Single-click start & stop of scheduled jobs
  • Metrics for last run time, next scheduled run time, successes/failures of scheduled jobs
  • Toggle button to automatically start a job whenever the AIS server is restarted

One View Watchlist has been enhanced with an option to mark a Summary Row in an application


User Experience

  • Form Extensibility – orchestrations can now run iteratively over each selected row in a grid and map the output back to header & grid fields
  • Form Personalization – system administrators can now restrict access to the base form, removing the need to customize applications
  • Color Coding of Environments – color schemes for each JDE environment (Production, Test, Development) can now be customized to more easily identify which environment users are logged in to

Operational Simplification

  • Terraform Stage Server Image – additional automation now available for OCI that accelerates the provisioning of the JDE reference architecture through One-Click
  • 64-Bit Enablement for the Deployment Server
  • New Merge Tools to help manage customizations in UBEs, table indexes and business views
  • Support of File Path Encryption for Downloads


Customer-Driven ERP Enhancements

Financials: Joint Venture Management support for cash calls; Option to restrict payment to posted vouchers; Ability to configure withholding tax based on gross or taxable amount of voucher; Balance Sheet Lessee Accounting support for multicurrency leases & lease termination

Human Capital Management: Ability to view full social security number in Employee Master; Ability to define Effective On dates in Quick Hire; US EEO & Australian Tax Authority updates

Manufacturing: Ability to copy bills of material by branch/plant

Order Management: Record reservation for Print Delivery Note; Sales proposal generation simplification

Platform Certifications to support Database 19c & Oracle JET 7.0.1

Localization Updates including India GST, European Union eInvoices, etc.

Applications Release 9.2.4

A cumulative update that contains all Applications patches, certifications, localizations, regulatory and ERP enhancements that have been delivered since the 9.2 release in October 2015 up through the latest 9.2.4 enhancements, Apps 9.2.4 helps to simplify the upgrade process by enabling customers to apply all changes in a single update.

Ready to explore these features in-depth and understand how best to align them with your specific business needs?

Updated Guide to New & Existing JDE E1 9.2 Capabilities

CE has updated our JD Edwards E1 9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper to include all the enhancements, features and technologies delivered in Apps & Tools 9.2.4. This whitepaper provides JDE users and managers with a holistic view of 9.2 capabilities in one place – so that you can be better equipped to move forward in presenting and/or realizing the value of continuous innovation with 9.2.

The JD Edwards E1 9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper is available to all JD Edwards customers upon request.

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I hope you find these resources helpful in your JD Edwards journey. If you do have any questions or additional resource needs, please consider me at your service. I am happy to help!



Chelsea Krieger, Marketing Manager