Great News, JD Edwards: E1 Apps & Tools Release 9.2.3 Featured Highlights

Which 9.2.3 features are you most excited about? Are you currently benefiting from or planning to leverage any of these cool features?
This holiday season brought us both the latest JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Release and the latest Tools Release 9.2 Update 3, packed with user-friendly enhancements and tools that enable customers to personalize their E1 experiences and transform business processes. Through this release that includes Orchestrator and UX One enhancements, new Notification capabilities and functionality to support a wide range of business processes, Oracle JD Edwards continues to focus on simplifying tools that customers can leverage to deliver innovative solutions in their organization. #YouMakeItHappen As an additional resource and overview of these enhancements, CE has updated the JDE E1 9.2.x Capabilities Whitepaper which is available upon request to all JD Edwards customers. The whitepaper also serves as a holistic guide to all of the available capabilities within 9.2; it is also a great resource to share and reference with your team. Here are some of the highlights from the latest Apps Release and Tools Release 9.2.3: Orchestrator Enhancements
  • Launch Orchestrations from E1 Events
  • Real-Time Visibility into Status of Orchestrations & Notifications
  • Error Handling of Orchestration Steps
  • Expanded Orchestrator Data Formats to Include CSV
Form Extensibility Enhancements
  • Add Business View Columns on the Glass, Invoke Extended Forms Using Orchestrations
UX One – User Defined Objects
  • Review & Manage Dependent Objects for Composite and Cafe One Pages
  • Manage View Security for Multiple Objects and Users
  • Copy an Object Management Workbench (OMW) Project Containing UDOs
Notification Message Center and My Worklist
  • Search, Group, Sort and Delete Multiple Messages
  • View Watchlists, Message Center and Orchestrator Health Monitor in Single Pane
64-Bit Enablement
  • Support for Enterprise Server and Development Client
ERP Notifications (64 delivered) to support Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Approvals, Requisitioning, Real Estate & More Customer-Driven ERP Enhancements
  • Capital Asset Management: Cafe One Layouts for Preventive Maintenance Schedules; Simplified Work Order Copy
  • Financials: Balance Sheet Accounting for Lessees; Lease Term Changes; Lease Simplification; Revenue Recognition for Real Estate; Joint Venture Management; Payment Control Group Report Enhancements; Configurable Bank Account Information
  • Inventory: User-Defined Closed Statuses to Support Item Balance Purge
  • Manufacturing: Data Conversion to Support Accounting Decimal Precision
  • Health & Safety: Task Detail Form; User-Defined Data for Incident Master Record
  • Human Capital Management: Orchestration to Support Lock-in Letter Compliance; Benefits Preview Interface; Manager Change for Time Card Approval
  • Procurement: Voucher Match Manager Tax Override
System Foundation
  • Table Definition Inquiry Application to Support Viewing Columns, Primary Index, Sequence & Data Dictionary Properties
Localization and Legislative Updates Including AUS/US Payroll Enhancements Platform Certifications to Support Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, Mozilla Firefox 60 ESR, Apple iOS 12  
Ready to explore these features in-depth and understand how best to align them with your specific business needs?

Updated Guide to New & Existing 9.2 Capabilities

CE has updated the JD Edwards E1 9.2.x Capabilities Whitepaper to include the enhancements, features and technologies delivered in Apps & Tools 9.2.3. A supplemental resource to the great content available at LearnJDE and the Quest Oracle Community, this whitepaper provides a holistic view of 9.2 capabilities so that you can be better equipped to move forward in presenting and/or realizing the value of continuous innovation with 9.2. The outline and accompanying 9.2 Upgrade Matrix Template are designed to guide you in:
  • Identifying specific technologies your business can leverage
  • Determining areas you want to invest more time in exploring
  • Aligning new capabilities to specific business needs
  • Realizing the value of continuous adoption & innovation
The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.x Capabilities Whitepaper is available to all JD Edwards customers upon request.  

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