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The CE team just wrapped up a fun and inspiring week at COLLABORATE 19, where we were energized by the new city and new and longtime customers, friends and partners.

From COLLABORATE’s move to San Antonio to CE’s expanded Platinum Elite partnership with Quest to the customer successes and digital transformation stories highlighted in the JD Edwards keynote, roadmap and other educational sessions, the week was full of themes of journeys and continuous innovation with E1 9.2.


JD Edwards Customer Journeys

The JD Edwards keynote kicked off the week in an impressively large room (with an even larger screen), which helped to illustrate a theme of “showcasing digital success.” With EnterpriseOne 9.2 as the last major code line release, I didn’t expect to hear any major announcements, but was nonetheless excited to see the cool new things JD Edwards customers are doing with 9.2.

Lyle Ekdahl first reinforced JD Edwards as the digital platform that enables transformation and encouraged the JDE community to move beyond traditional ERP and adopt components of digital transformation including 9.2, Orchestrator, Automation, Cloud, etc.

“Digital is where innovation sits in the intersection of customer experience and your business outcomes” – Lyle Ekdahl

Lyle also reaffirmed Oracle’s commitment to not only supporting JD Edwards, but continuously enhancing the applications, tools, technologies and frameworks through at least 2030. This is great news for JDE customers, as 87+% of the community is expected to be on the 9.2 platform by next year and will have at least 10 years of premier support remaining (Source: Quest Oracle Community).

The keynote also highlighted several real-life digital transformation stories:

    • Sal Cisne automated business processes in their factories using IoT and Orchestrator
    • Martin Marietta streamlined business processes and improved their user’s experiences by leveraging UX One
    • Glesby Marks improved sales processes by integrating Cloud applications such as CPQ and Content & Experience Cloud
    • Edwards Lifesciences quickly upgraded to 9.2 using the Simplified Upgradeprocess to take advantage of Mobile, IoT, Orchestrator and Notification capabilities [CE customer]
    • Stanley Engineered Fastening eliminated manual data entry and errors and automated data collection using RPA and intelligent bots


We also learned that it isn’t only customers who are adopting new digital strategies; JD Edwards announced their new mobile initiative to empower citizen developers with low-code/no-code tools that will help them to build their own mobile apps. Through a live demo, we also got to see Oracle’s Intelligent Bot Platform in action, as Edward the Chatbot came to life inside a mobile app.



Continuous Innovation with E1 9.2

After hearing about so many innovative customer solutions, I was excited to attend the JDE roadmap session to get a sneak peek at future planned enhancements that will realize even more customer successes. Bob Monahan and Gary Grieshaber led the audience through a journey map that illustrated the paths JDE customers can take to achieve the benefits of EnterpriseOne 9.2.

(Fun fact: I created a journey map of CE’s #C19TX sessions, giveaways and activities as an internal resource before the conference. Little did I know that I was engaging with Oracle JDE in the common theme of “journeys!”😉)



We heard more customer success stories:

  • Casio migrated from World to E1 9.2 to modernize their business processes
  • Jorgensen reduced customizations and positioned itself for continuous adoption
  • Noel delivered a modern UX through adoption of personalization tools
  • Circle K, Ledcor Industries and National Oilwell Varco realized the benefits of Health & Safety Incident Management
  • Skanska integrated JD Edwards and a Hybrid Cloud solution to gain visibility into their supplier community
  • Vecellio Group achieved complete and real-time visibility into their business with Orchestrator
  • TruGreen improved business agility by moving JD Edwards to OCI
  • Michelman enhanced user experiences with UX One Roles and UDOs
  • Serva Group modernized their E1 infrastructure with OCI

And explored a few planned enhancements:

  • Order Entry – Automatic Population of Pick Date from ATP/CATP
  • Warehouse Management – License Plate Picking Optimization
  • Manufacturing Work Orders – Activity Rules

There was also another surprise: Tools Release which includes customer-driven ERP enhancements, new Orchestrator, Notifications and Form Extensibility features and more.



This release also provided the perfect opportunity to update the JDE E1 9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper, which is designed for JDE users and managers as a holistic overview of all the available tools, features and technologies within 9.2. You can request the latest version here.

The themes of Continuous Innovation and Customer Success also extend to CE product and service innovations, as well as how the CE team works on a daily basis. Check out part 2 of my recap to see some of my favorite highlights including CE product & service innovations, unique product giveaways made by companies who run JD Edwards, lively entertainment & more. #GoodTimesWithJDE



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