Streamlining Purchase Order Approvals with eSignatures: A Case Study – Toyoda Gosei


Efficient procurement processes are crucial for the smooth operation of any manufacturing business. For one of the largest auto component manufacturers in the USA, managing purchase order requisitions involved a cumbersome manual process that included routing approvals in DocuSign and duplicating approvals in their JD Edwards (JDE) purchasing module. In this blog post, we will explore how Circular Edge’s ERPSign revolutionized the company’s purchase order approval process, automating it end-to-end and eliminating duplicate work.

  1. The Challenge:

As a leading auto component manufacturer, this company relied on JD Edwards for generating purchase order requisitions. However, the approval process required routing the requisitions to DocuSign, resulting in a completely manual and duplicative workflow. This process was time-consuming, prone to errors, and required users to perform duplicate approvals in both systems.

  1. Introducing eSignature Automation:

To streamline their purchase order approval process and eliminate duplicate work, the auto component manufacturer implemented Circular Edge’s ERPSign solution. This software seamlessly connected their JDE requisition module with their existing DocuSign setup, enabling end-to-end automation.

  1. Benefits of eSignature Automation in Purchase Order Approvals:

 a . Elimination of Duplicate Work: By integrating JDE requisitions with DocuSign, the company eliminated the need for users to perform duplicate approvals in both systems. The automated workflow ensured that once approvals were completed in DocuSign, the requisitions were automatically updated and approved in JDE. This significantly reduced manual effort, streamlined the process, and minimized the chances of errors or oversights.

b. Enhanced Efficiency and Time Savings: The automation of the purchase order approval process resulted in improved efficiency and time savings. Users no longer had to switch between systems or perform redundant tasks. The integration between ERPSign and DocuSign enabled seamless routing of requisitions for eSignature approvals, eliminating manual intervention and accelerating the overall approval cycle. This allowed the company to process purchase orders more quickly and efficiently.

c. Centralized Tracking and Auditing: With ERPSign, the auto component manufacturer gained a centralized workbench to track and audit the entire purchase order approval process. From the initiation of requisitions to the final eSignature approvals, all activities were logged and made easily accessible. This enhanced visibility and control, facilitating better compliance and audibility.


The auto component manufacturer’s adoption of eSignature automation using Circular Edge’s ERPSign product revolutionized their purchase order approval process. By seamlessly connecting its JDE requisition module with its existing DocuSign setup, the company achieved end-to-end automation, eliminated duplicate work, and enhanced overall efficiency. This successful implementation showcases the power of eSignature automation in streamlining critical procurement processes, improving accuracy, and enabling businesses to optimize their resources and focus on core operations.

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