KIND is well-known for our whole nut and fruit bars, highlighting ingredients that are both visible and pronounceable. To automate the integration between JDE and TradePro, KIND has upgraded with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Prioritize the establishment of a manual process as a precursor to implementing integrations and automations. Develop a comprehensive onboarding checklist, encompassing aspects like supported file formats, communication protocols, and security requirements, before initiating data mapping between JDE and the partner’s system. Effective fulfillment management hinges on understanding and addressing the unique requirements of each customer and the overall business.


  • Navigate to multiple applications to complete a Work Order process in JDE for 3PL Repack locations.
  • TradePro was used for sales forecast, trade promotions and deductions management,which needed to be in JDE.
  • Onboarding new partners/customers on EDI because of differences in requirements between them makes mapping and onboarding suppliers/customers on EDI difficult.
  • Integration between Kind and suppliers, customers and 3PL/3PM through JDE-EDI integrations is a challenge
  • Lack of real time integration between JDE and 3PL leads to incorrect inventory.
  • Effective management of customer orders.

Business Requirements

  • Create a single application for 3PL users where they can issue material, process outside operations and complete work orders in one click.
  • JDE-TradePro integrations for Products, Accounts, Price, Deductions and Invoice information to be sent over to TradePro and receive information from TradePro on the Trade Promotions and Cleared Deductions.
  • Real time integration between JDE and EDI to keep inventory insync between 3PL/3PM and JDE.
  • Easily onboarding new partners on EDI.
  • Fulfill customer orders based on priorities, rules, and service-level information instead of usual FIFO method for pick, pack, ship.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduced effort and incorrect transactions while completing Work orders in few steps/clicks. This also required minimal training when onboarding new 3PLs.
  • Automated integration between JDE and TradePro. Before integration, manual processes were used that was time consuming and prone to errors. Automated integration reduced the effort and maintain data integrity between JDE and TradePro.
  • Seamless onboarding and integration process between JDE and EDI
  • Fulfilling customer orders when you have limited supply, was made easier when SLAs and priority matrix was considered.

Lessons Learned

  • Establish a manual process before putting integrations and automations in place.
  • Prepare onboarding checklist such as determining their supported file formats, communication protocols, security requirements, before mapping the data between JDE and the partner’s system.
  • For fulfillment management to be effective, we need to consider each customer’s and the overall business’ unique requirements.

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Food and Beverage Services


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, TradePro, EDI

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