Tuff Shed manufactures & installs locally made storage buildings, garages, and cabin shells with domestic materials. collaborated with Circular Edge to enhance services, including Medius AP Automation, SQL queries, JDE Platform, and Excel spreadsheet macros.

There is a growing demand for highly skilled professionals with expertise in Medius, Accounts Payable (AP), SQL, Procurement, and Accounting. This demand stems from the increasing need for reconciliation platforms among many customers. These platforms offer significant value and have the potential to be developed into successful products that can cater to a wider market.


  • Huge amount of Data in their production environment
  • Difficult to reconcile any accounts across multiple year and period
  • Customer had limited knowledge on ability to reconcile RNV accounts
  • Users lacked knowledge of the entirety of the process of accounting in JDE platform when Automation from Medius was introduced


  • Close differences in Receipt not vouchered account as the difference in outstanding balance is growing over a period in time.

Customer Benefits

  • Customer was able to view the scenarios causing differences.
  • Customer was able to narrow down the reconciliation gap by $2M
  • Understand the need for enhancement of their current platform to newer platform of the product.

Lessons Learned

  • Need for high skilled resource that have knowledge of Medius, AP, SQL, Procurement and accounting
  • Many customers need such reconciliation platform and this can be productized

Quick Facts


Construction, Building Materials, Storage Solutions


Medius AP Automation, SQL queries, JDE Platform, Macros in Excel Spread sheet

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