Snack Food Firm Fulfills Customer Mission Via Order Allocation

Explore how this healthy snack food company overcame challenges that arose from a dramatic increase in online orders due to the Covid-19 pandemic to continue servicing their customers effectively and equitably. The company’s success story includes how they saved a significant amount of time and money for the business and IT teams while empowering customer service to act upon orders.


  • Standard ‘Production Allocation’ Hold capability no longer met current business requirements:
    • Ability to allocate inventory based on Promised Ship Date Period
    • Ability to restrict quantity of in-demand items based on By Bill To, By Ship To, or First-Come First-Served
  • Dramatic increase in online order volume beyond forecast
  • Too much time spent on manual review of orders & comparing available inventory
  • Customer service teams were up and running with automation in less than 10 days with full efficiency
  • A customized JDE sales order process within the order to cash cycle ensures that as soon as an order is created, the customer will receive acknowledgment when allocation is confirmed.
  • Customer service is empowered to take actions such as Fill Complete Quantity, Cancel Complete or Differential Quantity, Partial Approve, Change Promised Ship Date, etc.
  • Improved visibility into orders including dashboards to display the exceptions generated while verifying a ‘Customer Allocations’ step
  • The company no longer needed to hire temporary associates to manually verify orders
  • Significant time and cost savings for the business
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