Medical Device Manufacturer Transforms Sales Processes with Engagement Cloud & JDE E1 9.2

Explore how a leading Medical Device Manufacturer that specializes in converting their customers’ ideas, concepts & designs from functional prototypes to innovative, high-quality finished products modernized sales processes, gained 360-degree insight into customer data and integrated front-end CRM and back-end ERP systems to optimize efficiencies and data accuracy across the entire organization. To accomplish this, the company upgraded to JDE E1 9.2 and implemented Oracle Engagement Cloud.


  • Lack of insight into customer data
  • Lack of collaboration across internal teams
  • Lack of insight into sales opportunities & processes
  • Multiple divisions running disparate ERP systems
  • Multiple modules of JDE owned, but not being used
  • Manual warehouse and manufacturing systems & processes
  • Upgraded to JDE E1 9.2
  • Implemented Capital Asset Management & Manufacturing
  • Leveraging third-party solutions for inventory, security & reporting
  • Using advanced JDE E1 Tools to increase efficiencies
  • Synchronized customer data across JDE & Engagement Cloud
  • Automated lead management & nurturing processes
  • Achieved 360-degree insights into customer data and sales & order information