Electrical/Electronics Manufacturer Goes Back on Maintenance & Lights Up the User Experience

Explore how an Electrical/Electronics Manufacturer that designs and produces lighting controls & automated lighting systems for both residential and commercial customers engaged Smart Help Functional and CNC resources to complete their JDE E1 9.2 upgrade & better position the company for digital transformation. The company’s success story also includes their decision to go back on Oracle maintenance after many years and the benefits they realized as part of this decision.


  • Off maintenance for several years after going live on E1 9.0
  • Outdated, highly unstable infrastructure causing costly outages
  • Tools release no longer supported
  • Limited access to upgrades, patches, etc.
  • Not enough resources to keep up with demands of the business
  • Apps team needing support & encouragement in developing fixes
  • CE provided system tuning and support to help stabilize the team enough to upgrade IBM i
  • Resumed Oracle maintenance & relicensed entire JDE suite
  • Completed a Tools upgrade to E1 9.2.3
  • CE designed & implemented first Orchestration with AIS while training the company’s internal team
  • The company has now rewritten 12 interfaces as AIS/Orchestrations
  • JDE International Rollouts in progress
  • Improved user functionality & automation across the business, including E1 Pages, Orchestrations, Cafe One, Notifications, Chatbots
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