Beverage Equipment Maker Conquers Scheduling, Excels In Automation

Explore how this commercial beverage equipment manufacturer overcame production capacity constraints & work order scheduling challenges across multiple work centers to better manage their end-to-end supply chain process. The company’s success story includes how they gained greater visibility into labor/resource availability & visualized true labor hours while automating and optimizing outcomes for the business.


  • Lack of ability to simulate and visualize production schedules
  • Managing production schedules and resource capacity (labor and other resources)
  • Managing production capacity across multiple work centers can be time-consuming
  • Lack of tools to better manage work center production capacity
  • Lack of ability to notify production managers for critical work center capacity
  • True labor hours needs to be imported from timecard system
  • Notifications and exception messages for increased business activity monitoring and proactive decision making
  • Greater visibility into production schedules & labor/resource availability
  • The business was able to proactively notify production managers of critical work center load
  • Improved user experiences by leveraging custom dashboards & calendars
  • Integrating ADP timecard system to visualize true labor hours
  • Adoption of latest RPA technologies to enable continuous innovation
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