Smart Fit

Upgrade the Smart Fit Way. Circular Edge’s Smart Fit is a combination of our upgrade analysis tool and our methodology that takes the guess work out of the picture. You know exactly what to expect during your upgrade – Better resource planning, timelines and cost and all this backed by our Smart Help Support.


→ Upgrade Analysis
Know every minute detail about your customizations/enhancements – Why, What & Where?

→ Gap-Analysis
Clear understanding of why something was done and how it impacts the new release and the business process.

→ QA-Testing
Testing is Key and Quality our top priority – Get a clear Test plan for customizations, business process and integrations.

→ Integrations
Integrations are often neglected in the planning phase and causes issues and delays. Managing release levels, code and touch-points is key. Our approach takes all these into account to plan for a smoother upgrade.

→ Training & Support
Since Smart Fit is backed by our Smart Help support, you are totally covered with GO-LIVE support and training needs.

→ Cost
Blended pricing options that includes a fixed-price retrofit plan.


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