Automate Builds and Deployments in JDE

Automate Builds and Deployments in JDE

Are you tired of repetitive package builds and deployments?

Are your deployments off-hours?

Introducing Smart Build, your one-stop shop to automate and schedule your build and deployments.



Automate Package Builds & Deployments

  • Objects and Reports
  • Business Functions (C BSFN & NER)
  • Business Services (Separate Packages)

Schedule Builds & Deployments

  • Fixed Schedule using OS Scheduler
  • On-Demand
  • Pre-built adapter for Smart Scheduler

Other Key Features (Available in SB 2.0)

  • Backup and restore projects
  • Email notification with server build and client PDFs
  • Automatically generate tables and indexes
  • Kill List to terminate jobs during deployments
  • Configurable wait time for deployments
  • Intelligent Package Naming Convention
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