CE Showcases Latest Innovations & Customer Success Stories for Realizing Continuous Value with JDE

“10147” img_size=”726×380″ “CE Showcases Latest Innovations & Customer Success Stories for Realizing Continuous Value with JD Edwards” “12px”]As a Platinum Elite Partner of Quest Oracle Community, CE will further the theme of the conference, “Showcasing Customer Digital Success,” by highlighting how Oracle JD Edwards customers are leveraging the latest tools and technologies to automate and streamline business processes, optimize user experiences and continuously innovate with Oracle JD Edwards. Circular Edge has also enhanced its Quest partnership to include Speed Networking, sponsorship of conference lanyards & backpacks, Oracle Real Estate User Group (OREUG) and multiple booths showcasing Smart Scheduler, AtomIQ, Staff Aug+ and other CE product & service innovations.”20px”]One way CE will showcase customer solutions is through unique customer giveaways that include innovative products made by companies running JDE:

CE will also participate in several educational sessions showcasing the latest ways their customers have been leveraging CE products & services along with JDE tools & technologies to realize Digital Success across their ERP & Cloud roadmaps.”20px”][“Read the Full Press Release” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.prweb.com%2Freleases%2Fcircular_edge_showcases_latest_innovations_customer_success_stories_for_realizing_continuous_value_with_oracle_jd_edwards%2Fprweb16497874.htm||target:%20_blank|”]

“With about half of the JDE ecosystem now running on E1 9.2, many organizations today are looking for better ways to equip their teams to leverage E1 9.2 as a platform for innovation. Our customers are increasingly adopting innovative technologies such as RPA, Chatbots, Notifications and Cloud to transform their businesses, increase ROI and maximize the value of their ERP investment. We are looking forward to sharing these stories alongside Oracle JD Edwards at INFOCUS..”

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CE Customer Success Stories, Innovations & Special Giveaways at InFocus 19

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CE Recognized with 2019 Distinguished Partner Award for Showcasing Customer Success

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