NRF 2023: 10 Retailers Using NetSuite to Stay at the Top of Their Games

NRF 2023: 10 Retailers Using NetSuite to Stay at the Top of Their Games

Blog Credit: NetSuite Editors , January 11, 2023 (NRF 2023: 10 Retailers Using NetSuite to Stay at the Top of Their Games | NetSuite)
The retail industry is known for its constant evolution, with success often hinging on well-designed processes supported by robust business systems. Amidst this landscape, ten retailers stand out for their sustained growth, driven by strategic planning, execution, and adaptability, all facilitated by NetSuite as their foundational ERP solution. Celebrating their achievements at NRF 2023, these retailers exemplify the power of leveraging NetSuite alongside Circular Edge’s expertise.

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Alton Lane

  • Alton Lane revolutionizes the custom-tailored suit experience through personalized showrooms and ecommerce.
  • Adopted NetSuite to replace QuickBooks and support expansion, maintaining tight control over inventory and customer relationships.
  • Utilizes NetSuite for streamlined operations and efficient fulfillment.

Coda Coffee

  • A sustainable coffee roaster with diversified operations including wholesale, white-label distribution, and equipment maintenance services.
  • Transitioned from QuickBooks to NetSuite for enhanced transparency and automation, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Utilizes NetSuite for granular inventory and financial tracking to support growth and commitment to sustainability.

Beekman 1802

  • Started as a small goat farm, now produces goat-milk-based skincare products with a large workforce and warehouse.
  • Implemented NetSuite to manage data comprehensively and improve fulfillment speed.
  • Achieved next-day fulfillment and improved customer service with NetSuite’s capabilities.


  • Corkcicle is Well-known for innovative beverage products, Corkcicle partners with numerous retailers and operates globally.
  • Chose NetSuite to manage outsourced functions and streamline data management across partners.
  • Successfully distributes products to over 40 countries while maintaining operational efficiency.

Fulton & Roark

  • Offers creative men’s grooming products with a focus on practicality and portability.
  • Transitioned from manual data management to NetSuite ERP in just 20 days, resulting in significant sales growth.
  • Achieved streamlined operations and increased sales without expanding headcount.

DIY Home Center

  • Provides premium home improvement products with personalized service.
  • Turned to NetSuite to address supply chain challenges and manage rapid growth.
  • Experienced double-digit growth by leveraging NetSuite’s capabilities for pricing, distribution, and order fulfillment.

Honey Stinger

  • Honey Stinger Produces the energy snacks for athletes, sold through various channels including major retailers and online platforms.
  • Implemented NetSuite to support growth and transition to a 3PL model.
  • Successfully manages inventory and fulfills orders across diverse channels with NetSuite’s support.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

  • e.l.f Offers the high-quality cosmetics at affordable prices through multiple sales channels.
  • Adopted NetSuite to unify inventory and procurement data, optimizing stock levels and improving delivery efficiency.
  • Consistently meets customer demands across B2B and B2C channels with NetSuite’s centralized system.


  • Lovesac Specializes in sustainable furniture products sold through retail showrooms and ecommerce.
  • Leveraged NetSuite to support rapid growth and adaptability.
  • Successfully scales core business processes while maintaining sustainability goals with NetSuite’s assistance.


  • Hammitt is the Luxury accessories brand with a nationwide presence.
  • Utilizes NetSuite to streamline order entry processes and manage relationships with manufacturers and retailers.
  • Achieved significant growth in ecommerce sales volume with NetSuite’s data-driven approach.
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