NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform 2023 Release 1 Expands Integration, Customization Capabilities

NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform 2023 Release 1 Expands Integration, Customization Capabilities Blog Credit: Erik Klein, January 18, 2023 (NetSuite SuiteCloud Platform 2023 Release 1 Expands Integration, Customization Capabilities | NetSuite)

The SuiteCloud Platform introduces enhancements in the Sneak Peek 2023 Release 1, particularly focusing on the Visual Studio Code Extension and other capabilities like new REST records and Java 17 support. SuiteCloud is a robust platform offering tools for customizing, integrating, and managing NetSuite Accounts, catering to developers and technical administrators.

SuiteCloud Platform Overview

  • Suitecloud platform offers different tools and technologies for customizing, integrating, extending, and managing NetSuite Accounts for your business.
  • Targeted towards software developers and technical administrators.

NetSuite 2023 Release 1 Enhancements

  • Aims to facilitate easier customization, integration with external applications, and leverage recent Java platform capabilities.

New REST Records for SuiteTalk Web Services

  • Eight new standard REST records added, facilitating deeper integration with external systems and applications.
  • Records include Vendor return authorization, Deposit, Customer payment, Item group, Description item, Fulfillment request, Non-inventory purchase item, Non-inventory resale item.

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SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) Updates

  • Introduction of SuiteCloud project validation within VS Code for server-side validation of custom code modules.
  • Capability to import custom record instances from accounts directly within VS Code environment.
  • Support for comparing local files and account files to identify differences.
  • Addition of functionalities to manage accounts and authentication parameters directly within VS Code.

SuiteCloud IDE Eclipse Plug-In

  • SuiteCloud IDE plug-in for Eclipse will continue to be supported but will not receive further updates.
  • Users are encouraged to transition to SuiteCloud Extension for Visual Studio Code or SuiteCloud IDE Plug-In for WebStorm.

SuiteCloud CLI Java Version

  • SuiteCloud CLI now supports Java 17 and Oracle JDK Version 17 to comply with the latest Java standards.

Discovering NetSuite 2023 Release 1 Features

  • Encouragement to explore full features through release notes and requesting a Release Preview test account.
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