JDE Integrity Reports Training

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Looking to simplify, streamline & automate integrity reporting procedures?

“15px”]Maintaining data integrity is a key component in ensuring accurate, consistent financial reporting. Running integrity reports within JDE can help supplement your internal balancing processes while proactively alerting you to data errors before they become bigger issues for your organization.

Let us demonstrate how to leverage CE’s Smart Help skills and resources to help you identify which integrity reports your organization should run and how to leverage these reports to identify integrity issues within G/L, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Fixed Assets and more.

Available reports include:[_inner width=”1/2″]General Ledger

  • Unposted Batches
  • Batch to Detail
  • Transactions to Batch Header
  • Batches Out of Balance
  • Transactions without Account Master
  • Account Balance without Account Master
  • Companies in Balance
  • Company by Batch Out of Balance
  • Foreign Current Account Balance
  • Account Balance to Transactions

“22px”]Accounts Receivable

  • AR to Account Balance by Account ID
  • AR to G/L by Batch
  • AR to G/L Receipts by Batch
  • F03B11 to F03B14 (AR Invoice to Receipts)

“22px”]Accounts Payable

  • AP to G/L by Offset Account Balance
  • AP to G/L Integrity by Batch
  • AP to G/L Integrity with Adjustments
  • AP Payments to Voucher
  • AP Payments to G/L by Batch
  • AP Payments to G/L

“22px”]Fixed Assets

  • Unposted FA Transactions
  • FA to G/L
  • G/L to FA (YTD Balances)


  • Item Balance/Item Ledger
  • Item Ledger/Account

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