JDE Orchestrator Training & Assessment

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Looking to simplify, streamline & automate business processes?


Ready to reduce time and effort spent on manual tasks in JDE?

“15px”]The JDE Orchestrator is a powerful platform that enables business analysts to build integrations between systems, applications & devices with a no-code/low-code approach. By leveraging microservices with the JDE Orchestrator, companies can enable the real-time transfer of data between E1 and 3rd party applications, Cloud services, custom programs and IoT devices, as well as enable their users to receive proactive alerts – all using native JDE E1 tools and technologies.

Let us demonstrate how to leverage CE’s Smart Help skills and resources to rapidly adopt and deploy the JDE Orchestrator to automate business processes such as batch postingfinancial consolidationsIoT automation and more.”22px”]”On-Demand Replays”14016″ link=”https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5886464604294690317?source=CEWebsite”]”12px”]

Supply Chain Disruption – Flatten the Curve using RPA & Orchestrator

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9.2 Ways to Use Orchestrator & AtomIQ for System Admin Functions

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JDE Orchestrator What’s New

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JDE Orchestrator – Meet the Experts Parts 1 & 2

“JDE Orchestrator Assessment” Ready to explore what’s possible with the JDE Orchestrator? Request more information on our Quick Start Training & Assessment using the form below.”22px”][contact-form-7 id=”8027″]”Learn More” “22px”]”Related Resources” ]”22px”]

Smart Help for Business Functional Support

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Demo Replay: RPA & Business Process Automation in JDE using AtomIQ

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