Late to the Upgrade Party? 4 Benefits of moving to JD Edwards 9.2

”How many times have you been late to a party, so late that you skip it altogether? Are you making the right decision by doing so? When is it time to finally act? JD Edwards customers who have fallen behind on upgrading to newer versions may have this question cross their minds each time Oracle announces a new version release.”
The million-dollar question you might ask yourself – is the large effort required for moving to the latest version of JD Edwards worthwhile? If our processes are working well, why would we change anything?” Technology has seen exponential improvement over the last few years. Business has become more dynamic. Strategies for the way we sell, or produce, or procure, or fulfill have undergone metamorphosis. The world has become more collaborative and social.” It is never too late to assess the overall process thought, and explore how new systems can enable the modern way of doing business. Here are four benefits of joining the upgrade party:” New Infrastructure Opportunity”
An upgrade from current version of JD Edwards would mean an opportunity to explore what infrastructure options are available that are more coupled with the new version of ERP, more easily scalable in future and easier to maintain. For many companies, the multitude of new infrastructure options provide excellent economies of scale.

”Accounting for Upcoming Projects”

”In your list of upcoming projects, how many require customization? These customizations provide temporary fixes, but may increase your workload in the future. Instead of continuing to develop an even more proprietary system, consider the features already present in newer versions of JD Edwards.” Using these built in tools will lessen your workload down the road, while providing great new functionality. Oracle has not only worked for decades to implement fixes to common issues, they have created increasingly effective new functionality and features for you to leverage in newer versions.” Ensuring Ongoing Stability”
”When your Oracle Maintenance expires, you may find your company facing the following risks:”
  • You have implemented embedded fixes that are very expensive to maintain.
  • It can be difficult to find expertise on outdated product, and perhaps your projects have become resource dependent.
  • The quality and accountability of your fixes is not guaranteed, and often found lacking.
” Allowing a New Business Approach”
Over many years, Oracle has transformed their product line tremendously. So much so that some customers refuse to believe it is their good ol‘ JDE. System capabilities have grown at faster rate than ever, opening up new avenues and giving you the power to expand those capabilities in the direction you want, in the way you want. Vital updates for policy changes such as the Affordable Care Act and FASB/IASB are helping customers navigate new regulations. Things previously imagined by the business may not have been easily possible to achieve without the modern system.

You may get bombarded with the new features of every JD Edwards release, yet wonder what your company can actualize.

These changes in the JDE product should inspire a wider perspective within your company as well. Through redefining your business processes, you can more fully utilize the possibilities of your upgrade. Taking advantage of innovative new features often means change and asking hard questions from users all across the board.
You have worked tirelessly to get your ERP system where it is today. The work to streamline the way users inquire and enter data, how embedded algorithms have been shaped, all of the interfaces with various ancillary systems, reporting and stability are all satisfying achievements that have taken many years. But is your future success built in as well?
Let Circular Edge help you uncover the benefits of an EnterpriseOne upgrade for your company. If you are interested in joining the upgrade party, Circular Edge will happily be your plus one.

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