Collaborate 18 CE Innovation Recap

In part one of my recap, I wrote about what I learned in the JD Edwards keynote and roadmap session at Collaborate 18 (if you haven’t checked it out, I also included recording links and session presentations).

Here’s part two of my recap, where I’m sharing insight into CE’s product and service innovations and success stories, including some of the brilliant resources behind it all.

CE Educational Highlights

I began my week of education with Relax, It’s Just Debits and Credits Too.

Through a bit of humor and some well-placed pop culture references, we explored the relationship between four majorfinancial statements – balance sheet, equity, cash flow and statement of operations – and how posted transactions affect these in the ERP system. This was another session in fact a sequel in Jonnel’s award-winning “Relax, It’s Just…” (Audit, 1099, Financial Statement) educational series.

My second session of the day featured David Gumpel, Business Analyst at Koos Manufacturing. He shared their success story implementing Apparel Management with Oracle JD Edwards E1 9.2, giving an in-depth look at:

  • Business challenges driving transformation
  • Multiple legacy systems and no single point of truth
  • The IT landscape
  • Keys to success

David’s presentation also touched on some of the themes that I would hear throughout the week – automation, real-time data, seamless integrations and selecting the right partner to lead you to success.

Christy kicked off Advanced JD Edwards Batch Job Scheduling with Smart Scheduler with a fun meme and sample posts from her For the Love of Batch Jobs series.

Tonio and Nitin then gave a live demo and showcased some of Smart Scheduler’s features, including stream dependencies; notifications; events, conditions and actions; and time zone support.

We also got a sneak peek at the new Smart Scheduler Add-Ons:

  • User-Submitted Jobs: automatically email attachments to one or more recipients whenever user-submitted jobs complete
  • Package Automation: schedule OMW project promotions, builds and deployments

You can see these features and add-ons in action in our demo replay or by contacting us for a one-on-one demo.

In Automate, Notify and Visualize Your Business Processes in Real-time with AtomIQ, Shoaib and Nitin introduced and demonstrated one of CE’s newest flagship products. We learned how AtomIQ enables the automation and streamlining of business processes.

The presentation also touched on key themes I heard throughout the week – process automation, no-code/low-code, citizen developer and real-time decision-making.

Learn more about AtomIQ or request your own one-on-one demo by contacting us.

Drawing upon his experience with JDE and OCI, Jonnel shared insight into the challenges and benefits of Moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He also provided considerations for companies moving their JD Edwards to the Cloud:

  • It’s (not) complicated! Take an open-minded approach and learn
  • Assign a dedicated resource/team; focus on one task at a time
  • Open an SR and tell Oracle. Request a support manager as partner
  • Relax, Oracle wants you to succeed!

With Cloud being a key theme at the conference, what does its future mean for certain roles, such as the CNC? During Cloud CNC Administrator – The Next Generation, Tonio shared that although the tools and technologies are changing, the role of a CNC will not disappear, but will evolve.

His presentation also touched on some of the changing functions, upgrade considerations and different Cloud offerings as they relate to the CNC. Key takeaways:

  • CNC skills are portable – on-prem, hosted or on the cloud
  • The cloud with respect to JDE E1 and the CNC role offers flexibility, control and options to build in less time
  • Oracle support manuals and documentations are helpful and it’s a great idea to reach out to others who have hands-on experience

Further, we showcased our award-winning Integrated ERP/CX Digital Experiences and introduced our new Oracle Sales Cloud add-ons. CE also hosted the JDE & CX Cloud Roundtable, building off the energy from the Modern CX conference.

A few more of my favorite highlights – I Heart JDE astronauts, CE dart rockets, and meeting Alan from The Hangover!

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