JDE E1 Mobile Apps Use Case Matrix Available Now!

At OpenWorld 2016 Circular Edge's CEO sAchin Choudhari and myself delivered an educational session and live demo of "Mobile Applications Up and Running in Less Than an Hour"

The original objective was to show attendees how to rapidly get out-of-the-box mobile applications up and running in a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment, in less than an hour.

But then there was a twist!

With over 1,800 total education sessions packed into just a few days Oracle only allocated 45 minutes for our session. Needless to say the pressure was on and there was no room for technical difficulties and limited time available for presentation!

Well I am happy to share that the session was a huge success—with Oracle JD Edwards' own Darryl Shakespeare and Paul Houtkooper sitting in the front row just in case sAchin and I were able to get
Mobile Applications up and running IN LESS THAN 35 MINUTES!

As a takeaway for those who attended the session, and now being made available for all JDE customers, Circular Edge has produced an Out-of-the-Box Mobile Applications Use Case Matrix.

Designed to empower you and your line of business leaders to more easily identify where this technology can be adopted within your business

On ONE PAGE you can now see all of the available 80+ Mobile Apps for EnterpriseOne, broken down by JDE module, whether the app is available on Smartphone, Tablet or both, and the Primary Type of Action that can be Accomplished:Management approvals, creating work and service orders, field data entry, managing assets, etc.

Plus, we have included answers to commonly asked questions as well as the minimum technical requirements for getting started.

Click the link to request your copy of the JD Edwards Mobile Matrix and learn:

  • What modifications can be made to these mobile apps out-of-the-box? What are the licensing requirements?

  • What are the MTRs?

  • What options do I have if my version of JDE does not meet the MTRs?

  • What if we want to further customize these out-of-the-box apps?

  • What if our business wants Mobile apps for modules that are not available out-of-the-box?

  • What if our business wants Mobile apps for custom modules?

Special thanks to Circular Edge's Senior Manager of Technology Services Tonio Thomas and Solution Architect Diwakar Dwivedi for their tireless commitment toward preparing, training and then supporting sAchin and I so as to pull off this live session and demo without a hitch (AND IN LESS THAN 35 MINUTES)!!!

Circular Edge is available to assist with the installation and setup of the Out-of-the-Box Mobile applications including the AIS server and associated Tools or Apps upgrades. Circular Edge can also provide Developer resources to extend these packaged applications or to build custom applications, active content pages, user interfaces & mashups.

Available Developer skillsets include MAF, ADF, JET, .NET & more.