Invest in Quest, Invest in YOU

“The influence that Quest Oracle Community has had across my life and career is immeasurable. Most of my business relationships and many dear friendships have been shaped through our encounters at Collaborate, INFOCUS and various regional events. If ever there was a time to support the success of Quest it is now.

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Let’s do our part to invest in Quest so that Quest can continue to invest in all of us!”

-Andy Chase, CE VP    

There’s never been a better time to #INVESTinQUEST #INVESTinYOU – all the more as our global community continues to support & encourage one another through COVID-19. Circular Edge is proud to support the success of Quest for the past 17 years and the many ways Quest brings together JDE, CX & Cloud users to share their success stories while helping each other move forward in driving continuous innovation.

A few great reasons to #INVESTinQUESTinvestinYOU:

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  • Tap Into the Knowledge & Experiences of 1000s of JDE, CX & Cloud Users Like You
  • Explore the Tools, Technologies & Approaches Others are Using to Overcome Challenges
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Strong JDE, CX & Cloud Communities – Virtually & Face-To-Face
  • Access Continuous Education On-Demand including Conference Recordings, Webinars, Product Demos, Discussion Boards, Blogs, etc.
  • And So Much More to Help You Accelerate Your JDE, CX & Cloud Roadmap

What Does Quest Mean To You?

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Quest Oracle Community. Some of you may know that I began my JDE career while working at Quest and I am fortunate to enjoy many business & personal relationships as a result. Quest continues to create experiences that allow me, CE & our customers to share innovative stories through educational sessions, giveaways at COLLABORATE and INFOCUS & more #GoodTimesWithJDE. #ThanksQuest & hope to see everyone (virtually) at INFOCUS 2020.” – Chelsea, Marketing Manager

Please do share your own stories by using the hashtags #INVESTinQUEST #INVESTinYOU #INVESTinQUESTinvestinYOU, register for INFOCUS 2020 and become a paid Quest member today.



Chelsea Krieger, Marketing Manager