DEMO: Eliminate JDE Batch Job Challenges with Smart Scheduler
DEMO Eliminate JDE Batch Job Challenges with Smart Scheduler

Demo: Eliminate JDE Batch Job Challenges & Automate Package Builds/Deploys

Tired of job failure morning surprises? Sacrificing sleep to manage jobs? Had enough user complaints? Wish you could receive email attachments or be notified of job failures? There is a better way!

Find out how you can completely automate your batch job execution by leveraging Smart Scheduler; a 3x Oracle Validated Integration scheduling tool developed within the standard JDE toolset.

New features include:
• Call E1 Orchestrations
• Smart Build Integration
• Multiple Schedules for Streams
• New Calendar Functionality
• Load Balancing for Scheduled Jobs

In addition, join this demo to learn how to automate and schedule package builds & deployments in JDE with Smart Build – your one-stop shop for reducing repetitive, monotonous & ad-hoc requests and off-hours deployments.

Special thank you to CE Experts Nitin Lakhpat, Tonio Thomas, and Andy Chase for providing the content for this webinar