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Enhancing Workforce Planning Efficiency and Security via Oracle EPM Cloud Migration at Biggest Television Network

Streamlining Workforce Planning Processes and Achieving Data Security through Oracle EPM Cloud Migration and Integration with Workday and ADP at Biggest Television Network


  1. Incorporating Custom Workforce Planning: The customer aimed to integrate a tailored Workforce Planning module into their existing Oracle EPM Cloud environment to enhance planning accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Data Integration Complexity: Integrating human capital data from disparate sources such as Workday and ADP into Oracle EPM Cloud Workforce Planning posed challenges in data synchronization and integrity.
  3. Dependency on Excel Modeling: The customer sought to reduce reliance on manual data modeling in Excel by implementing standardized business rules within EPM Cloud Planning & Budgeting.
  4. Migration to Enterprise EPM: Migrating their existing PBCS application to Enterprise EPM presented technical complexities and required a seamless transition.
  5. Enhanced Security Requirements: The migration of the Workforce Planning application to its own identity domain was essential to establish a distinct security model ensuring sensitive employee data protection.


  1. Custom Module Integration: A specialized Workforce Planning module was integrated into the existing Oracle EPM Cloud environment, tailored to meet the customer’s specific planning needs.
  2. Data Integration Strategy: Advanced integration solutions were implemented to efficiently gather and synchronize human capital data from Workday and ADP into Oracle EPM Cloud Workforce Planning.
  3. Standardized Business Rules: The implementation of standardized business rules within EPM Cloud Planning & Budgeting enabled automated data modeling, reducing the reliance on manual Excel-based processes.
  4. Seamless Migration: The migration process from PBCS to Enterprise EPM was carefully orchestrated to ensure minimal disruption while capitalizing on the enhanced capabilities of the new platform.
  5. Distinct Security Model: The Workforce Planning application was migrated to a dedicated identity domain, allowing for a robust security model that safeguarded sensitive employee data.


  1. Enhanced Planning Cycle: The annual plan and monthly forecast cycle times were significantly reduced, leading to quicker decision-making and improved agility in response to changing market dynamics.
  2. Improved Data Handling: Leveraging Oracle EPM Cloud brought about improved data input and reporting ease-of-use for planners, leading to greater efficiency and accuracy in the planning process.
  3. Security Enhancement: A well-defined security model allowed for precise user access control to sensitive employee data within the Workforce cube, ensuring compliance and data protection.

Key Benefits Achieved

  1. Structured Planning Approach: The introduction of driver-based planning and standardized calculations resulted in a consistent and predictable planning process, delivering expected results consistently.
  2. Flexible Planning Techniques: The implementation offered planners the option to choose between driver-based or direct input planning methods, enhancing flexibility and accommodating varying preferences.

In conclusion, by successfully integrating a customized Workforce Planning module, streamlining data integration, reducing Excel dependency, and executing a seamless migration to Enterprise EPM, the biggest television network achieved improved planning efficiency, data security, and flexibility, leading to better-informed decisions and enhanced business outcomes.

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