Transforming Financial Insights and Compliance: Bayview's Success Story with Oracle EPM Cloud

Transforming Financial Insights and Compliance: Bayview's Success Story with Oracle EPM Cloud

Bayview, headquartered in Coral Gables, FL, is an investment management firm focused on investments in mortgage and consumer credit. Founded in 1993, Bayview has built a fully integrated investment platform with operational expertise to create value across credit markets.


Bayview engaged Circular Edge to design and implement a planning and reporting system leveraging Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud to support the following requirements:

  • Provide insight and analytics into the funds’ financial performance.
  • Automate tracking of lending agreements and covenant calculations.
  • Report results of current and forecasted covenant thresholds.
  • Prepare compliance certificates for publication to lending institutions.

Prior to adopting the Oracle Cloud solution, the legacy process was supported by disparate spreadsheets, network share drives, and email correspondence. It was not possible to generate the analytics business users needed to make educated investment decisions or negotiate better terms with lending institutions. Publishing updated compliance certificates based on current financial results was a challenge that required manual data entry and validation. The ability to evaluate covenant calculations based on forecasted financial results was not possible.


Today, Bayview can capture and analyze fund financials, derive covenant calculations based on those results, and report compliance status in a unified connected process. Reporting becomes available immediately after the financials are loaded into the system. This process, which took days to complete, can now be done in minutes.

This solution using Oracle Cloud EPM’s Enterprise Planning & Budgeting and Narrative Reporting delivered value to the business users where none existed before.

  • Provide a holistic view of fund financial performance, lending agreement population, and results of covenant calculations.
  • Leverage financial results and analytics from reporting solutions to negotiate better terms with lending institutions.
  • Introduce formal, auditable workflows to support the maintenance of lending agreements, covenant calculations, and compliance reporting.


  • Uptime of Cloud Solution: 24×7
  • Frequency of financial data loads from ERP: Monthly
  • Frequency of LA and Covenant maintenance: Weekly
  • Time to load financial data from ERP and run covenant calculations: 20-30 mins
  • Time to run compliance reports for a complete population of Lending Agreements: 5-10 mins
  • Time to perform Ad hoc and/or Production Reporting: Immediate

Key Benefits Achieved

  • The solution can now deliver financial results and insight into covenant threshold compliance immediately once data is loaded from the ERP. This process took days to complete with the legacy process.
  • Bayview expects to receive financial benefits as part of the ROI of this solution in terms of more advantageous covenant and lending terms with the lending institutions it conducts business with.
  • Because of the instant access to data sliced by the lending institution, fund, covenant type, guarantor, and debt capacity, Bayview will be able to make informed business decisions immediately whereas in the past this was not possible.

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