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Empowering Growth with Oracle EPM at Giant Chemical Manufacturer

Fueling Expansion and Efficiency: How Biggest Chemical Manufacturer Utilized Oracle Enterprise EPM to Strengthen Performance Management


Giant Chemical Manufacturer, recently acquired by a private equity firm and poised for substantial growth through acquisitions, encountered these challenges:

  1. Acquisition-Driven Needs: Planned acquisitions necessitated an enterprise-wide tool for improved consolidation, close processes, and planning/reporting.
  2. Inaccuracies and Time Drain: Existing accounting and finance processes yielded inaccuracies and excessive time spent on issue resolution.
  3. Inefficient Reporting Tool: The current reporting tool’s inefficiency and lack of scalability hindered effective organizational use.


Circular Edge collaborated with Oracle to provide solutions for the biggest chemical manufacturer:

  1. Unified Enterprise Solution: Oracle Enterprise EPM was employed to meet acquisition-driven needs and enhance performance management.
  2. Enhanced Accounting Processes: Collaborative efforts optimized accounting processes, minimizing inaccuracies and time wastage.
  3. Streamlined Reporting: Oracle EPM introduced Financial Reports, Navigation Flows, and Dashboards, drastically improving reporting ease of use.


The implementation yielded significant results:

  1. 20% Reduction in Consolidation and Close: Periodic consolidation and close process duration decreased by 20%.
  2. Streamlined Close Process: The close process was streamlined for better visibility and control.
  3. Real-Time Financial Consolidation: A real-time financial consolidation process was delivered, enabling users to access current data.
  4. Improved Reporting: Leveraging new reporting tools significantly improved reporting ease for the biggest chemical manufacturer users.

Key Benefits Achieved

Drew Marine achieved essential benefits:

  1. Scalable Growth: The enterprise-wide EPM solution was designed to evolve in sync with chemical manufacturer business expansion.
  2. Enhanced Efficiency: Improved consolidation and close processes and enhanced reporting tools led to better efficiency.
  3. Accurate and Informed Decisions: Real-time data availability and improved reporting empowered accurate decision-making.

Why Circular Edge?

Circular Edge’s strengths and competencies make it a fitting partner for the biggest chemical manufacturer:

  1. Finance Transformation Proficiency: Expertise in facilitating finance transformation engagements.
  2. Oracle EPM Cloud Experience: Demonstrated proficiency in Oracle EPM Cloud implementations.
  3. Project and Change Management: Strong project and change management capabilities.
  4. Trusted Advisor: Acting as a trusted advisor, Circular Edge championed the vision of EPM and Business Analytics.

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