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Transforming Financial Planning at Bank with Oracle Cloud

Streamlining Financial and Labor Planning: How Global Bank Leveraged Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud to Achieve Efficiency and Transparency


  • Sophisticated Modeling Capabilities: Global Bank required advanced financial and labor planning capabilities beyond the standard Excel input offered by their initial Oracle Planning & Budgeting Cloud implementation.
  • Top-Down Planning Techniques: The bank aimed to introduce top-down planning techniques to enhance its planning process.
  • Driver-Based Planning: Establishing driver-based planning for both workforce and financials (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow) was a critical objective.
  • Periodic Forecasting Capabilities: The Bank needed to implement periodic forecasting capabilities for better financial management.
  • Calculation Performance: The bank sought to improve calculation performance to deliver updated results to users faster.
  • Data Integration and Process Automation: Streamlining data integrations with source systems and automating processes were vital for increased efficiency.


  • Upgrading to Enterprise Planning & Budgeting: Global Bank upgraded to Enterprise Planning & Budgeting to access advanced Financials and Workforce Modules, meeting their modeling needs.
  • Integration and Redesign: Innovus helped the bank integrate its application with out-of-the-box planning modules to achieve the desired modeling capabilities.
  • Top-Down Planning Techniques: Innovus implemented top-down planning techniques to optimize the bank’s planning process.
  • Driver-Based Planning: The implementation of driver-based planning for workforce and financials enabled better data-driven decision-making.
  • Periodic Forecasting: Innovus introduced periodic forecasting capabilities, allowing the bank to make informed financial forecasts.
  • Calculation Performance: Through the upgrade and optimization, daily refresh processes were significantly accelerated.
  • Data Input Simplification: Innovus redesigned the application, simplifying the accounts dimension and reducing data input, resulting in improved ease of use.
  • Dynamic Reporting Features: Monthly reporting maintenance was reduced by redesigning report templates with dynamic reporting features.
  • Transparency and Access: The new driver-based planning approach increased transparency in planning results and provided easy access to critical reports.


  • Annual planning cycle reduced by 6 weeks.
  • The daily refresh process dropped from 12 hours to 15 minutes.
  • Forecasting methods can now be modified within one week.
  • Plan accounts reduced from 50 to 5, simplifying maintenance and data input.
  • Shift to driver-based planning improved ease of use and data accuracy.
  • Redesigned report templates with dynamic reporting features and reduced monthly reporting maintenance.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Significant reduction in time to create and publish the annual plan.
  • Increased transparency in planning results through driver-based techniques.
  • Improved ease of use and access to critical reports.

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