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Animal Health & Nutrition Company Automates JDE User Review Process & Achieves Touchless SOX Compliance

Explore how this animal health and nutrition company overcame challenges of user recertification to ensure the right users have the right access in their JDE environment - while demonstrating detailed tracking to satisfy auditors and internal control requirements. The company's success story includes how they successfully recertified 550+ users in ~30 days while leveraging eSignatures, RPA, dashboards, notifications, security, etc.


  • Recertification/User Review can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and prone to human error
  • No current ability to track recertifications, maintain signed documents and report on user access
  • Proactively minimizing SOD conflicts to satisfy auditors
  • Difficult to route and maintain documents with employees working remotely


  • The company successfully recertified 550+ users in ~30 days, with 56% of the process completed in less than 2 weeks
  • A configurable solution that will enable the company to adjust the frequency of recertifications and leverage RPA in other areas
  • They were able to roll out eSignatures with notification and tracking capabilities
  • The solution enabled the business to remain compliant with SOX and satisfy auditors and internal controls
  • The solution helped the business avoid hundreds of hours of manual labor

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