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“11914” “Circular Edge Contributes to Early Release Testing of Orchestrator Studio in Latest Tools Update” “12px”]CE continued its investment in the quality and future of JDE E1 by participating in the Orchestrator Studio beta program which validated the latest Orchestrator enhancements now available in Tools Release 9.2.4.

During the early release testing program, selected partners and customers collaborated with JDE product development teams to review and test the latest enhancements in advance of the release.

Tools 9.2.4 includes significant and innovative improvements to help customers drive digital process transformation, enhance user experiences and realize operational simplification.


To further help customers understand, assess and realize the benefits and possibilities with Orchestrator, CE offers several complementary resources and educational webinars:

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“As organizations continue to seek ways to reduce operational costs while improving efficiencies, JD Edwards customers possess a unique opportunity to leverage the native robotic process automation capabilities of Orchestrator. Having advanced access to the latest and greatest tools enables us to better support JDE customers in achieving these goals while staying current and continuously delivering innovative solutions.”

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Demo Replay: What’s New in Tools 9.2.4

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Demo Replay: What’s New in Tools 9.2.4

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