Circular Edge Recognized with 2020/2021 JD Edwards Partner Excellence Award

Circular Edge Recognized with JD Edwards Partner Excellence Award for Continuously Supporting Customer Resilience and Success

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” ~Henry Ford

We are honored to have been recognized with the prestigious 2020/2021 JD Edwards Partner Excellence Award in the category of Customer Centricity for Supporting Customer’s Resilience, representing the outstanding work and commitment to excellence in helping our customers optimize their processes, systems and applications during difficult times to rapidly deliver innovative solutions with their JD Edwards throughout COVID-19 and beyond.

One of the customer stories recognized included a Food and Beverage Manufacturer who experienced a dramatic increase in online orders due to the global pandemic, which drove more customers to purchase higher quantities online and beyond what the company had forecast. Further, their customer service teams were challenged with consistently and equitably allocating available inventory. To meet this increased demand, CE worked together with this customer to deliver an advanced JD Edwards order allocation solution in less than ten days. This rapid response empowered their business to scale while continuing to deliver high-quality service both for their internal teams and external customers.

“I’ve been in this business a long time and have never seen a solution of this magnitude pulled together in this type of record timing. Bravo!” – President, Food and Beverage Manufacturer

“Our order volume went through the roof and we were at a point of risking servicing our customers. To meet this increased demand, we deployed a customer product allocation tool that ensured we can allocate orders appropriately to avoid upsetting our customers, thereby helping us deliver upon our promise of integrity.” – CIO, Food and Beverage Manufacturer

Another CE customer in the Food and Beverage service and transportation industry took advantage of a slower business period to accomplish a 9.2 upgrade to address current gaps and future proof their business by establishing the latest technology foundation for Continuous Innovation, including mobile, Orchestrator and RPA.

“We were able to turn the challenges brought by the pandemic into opportunities to upgrade and roll out new features, where the risk was minimized due to a slower business period where we weren’t serving as many customers. Thanks to our amazing leadership, business users and Circular Edge for providing a strong ecosystem of support so that we may continue to transform the business.” – Vice President of IT, Food and Beverage Service and Transportation Company

Circular Edge also received partner excellence recognition in 2017 and 2019 for continuously delivering and showcasing customer success stories across the JDE & CX ecosystems.

Featured customer success stories have included bringing customers back from off maintenance, rolling out Orchestrations, upgrading 9.2 Apps & Tools, Lift & Shift migrations, Attended Automation, integrated ERP/CX digital experiences in distribution, construction and real estate industries and one of the first JD Edwards Apparel Management implementations in the United States.

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