Smart Help: A Unique Managed Services Offering

[ width=”2/3″]”A Unique Help Desk and Staffing Solution” “Every growing company faces IT staffing challenges. When do you hire more people, and what expertise in particular do you need? For how long will you need them? How can you anticipate how spending more on human resources will affect your bottom line? As today’s executives wrestle with questions like these, many realize that what they really need is a flexible solution—one in which they get the seasoned support they need, and realize significant IT savings.Circular Edge provides clients with flexible Level 1 and Level 2 Managed Services support.” “Circular Edge’s offerings include Smart Help Support, a staffing solution designed to meet the fluctuating needs of growing companies. “Smart Help Support takes into account the ever-shifting demands placed on ambitious enterprises,” says cHoudhari. “It was designed to help companies be nimble and responsive in today’s fast-moving business environment, and to help companies stay competitive by giving them on-call assistance that matches their needs. It’s the only elastic support model in the marketplace.”We know that every customer is different, and we work closely with each one to maximize the turnaround time when issues need to be resolved quickly – sAchin cHoudhari, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Circular Edge” “Smart Help Support offers businesses 24/7 assistance with all technical and functional user support for
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, including user provisioning, batch issues, data integrity and security, and performance issues. “No matter what our customers’ needs, Smart Help Support can step in and get the job done. Our experts are highly trained to assist with a range of Oracle products,” says cHoudhari. “Customers love the fact that Smart Help experts can also handle any third-party solution that works with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.”Smart Help Support delivers results and cost-savings through options. Customers can sign up for packages that best meet their needs, including Smart-on-Demand, which does not have a minimum hour requirement; Smart Retainer, which provides a minimum of 40 hours per month; and Smart Engage, which provides a minimum of 160 hours per month.“Smart Help Support is really all about providing tailored expert assistance, but on an as-needed basis,” says cHoudhari. “We know that every customer is different, and we work closely with each one to maximize the turnaround time when issues need to be resolved quickly.”Ultimately, Smart Help Support helps companies to keep their staffing costs low, but it also aims to support and partner with its clients’ IT departments. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers such as
Gary Fling, chief information officer of Phibro Animal Health Corporation, have experienced positive results with Smart Help Support.“The expertise in JD Edwards solutions, combined with their flexible staffing model, has allowed us to dramatically increase our JD Edwards support performance in the eyes of our user community. In addition, we are quickly able to bring technical and functional resources to bear as demand increases and, just as quickly, we are able to contract as demand decreases. The expertise and responsiveness of Circular Edge is simply outstanding and, as a key preferred partner, they are an integral part of our success,” says Fling.” ]