Denim Jeans Manufacturer’s E1 9.2 Implementation of JDE Apparel Management

Explore how this high-end Denim Jeans Manufacturer became one of the first companies to implement JD Edwards Apparel Management in order to streamline & automate their Order to Cash processes across sales, customer service, internal management & executive teams. The company’s success story includes how they reduced manual order entry from 37.5% to 5.5% and automated 62.5% of EDI orders.


  • Lack of end-to-end Order to Cash information due to disparate systems
  • Poor analysis & decision-making due to disintegrated systems
  • Inaccurate inventory, manual EDI error handling, user errors, data inconsistency
  • High volume of transactions impacting speed & performance
  • Delays in allocation processes across production line & order fulfillment
  • Manual bulk release processes
  • Lack of visibility into inventory levels
  • The company became the first to implement JDE Apparel Management in the US
  • Completed an upgrade from E1 9.1 to 9.2 
  • Concurrently implemented B2B, Order Management, OBIEE & B2C eCommerce solutions
  • Automated and integrated Order to Cash processes across multiple systems
  • Simplified sales order entry processes
  • Achieved real-time inventory visibility
  • Automated bulk release process to enable sales, customer service & executive team to view bulk vs. actuals in real-time
  • Leveraging advanced JDE features & functionality to enhance user experience
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