Join Quest & Circular Edge for JD Edwards Orchestrator Week

Quest JD Edwards Orchestrator Week

Get Groovy with JDE Orchestrator Replay Available

Learn basic to advanced concepts of Groovy Scripting to enhance your use cases and creatively trigger orchestrations while exploring “Groovy” things you can do with Groovy in Orchestrator that are not available as native features.

  • Groovy – Why, What, Where & How-To
  • Troubleshooting
  • Customer Use Cases for Orchestrations

Attendee Takeaway: Groovy Scripting Cheatsheet

Request access to the newly-launched Groovy Scripting Cheatsheet 2.0 featuring cool things you can do with Groovy in Orchestrator that aren’t available as native features, essential Groovy commands, full scripts & resources and more.

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Request a 1on1 meeting to learn how you can rapidly adopt & deploy Orchestrator for your unique use cases by tapping into 160+ skills & resources for Orchestrator enablement, training, troubleshooting and guidance.

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sAchin cHoudhari

CEO & Founder

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Nitin Lakhpat

Partner & Product Development

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Humza Qureshi

Sr. Technology Consultant

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Tonio Thomas

Sr. Manager – Technology Services

Andy Chase

VP – Sales, Marketing & BD

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Cade Mulloy

Client & Accounts Development Rep

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Scott Wegmann

Regional Sales Director

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Jason Shields

Regional Sales Director

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Chelsea Krieger

Marketing Manager

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