Five Signs That It’s Time for a New ERP Cloud

“73430” 15px”]”Five Signs That It’s Time for a New ERP Cloud” “Best Practices for Manufacturers Embracing the Cloud” ]”15px”]Over the years, small to midsized manufacturing companies have pieced together multiple applications to run their operations from accounting to order fulfillment to sales and marketing. This infrastructure lacks many of the capabilities that companies need, provides limited visibility into essential business information, and will not enable companies to adapt to changing market conditions and new business models. Unfortunately, this piecemeal approach results in companies trying to grow by adding even more systems or niche applications—which often aren’t integrated with each other. This application complexity results in manual tasks and bottlenecks, and increases risks and errors. For years, NetSuite has worked with manufacturing businesses of all sizes across all geographies. While these businesses are diverse, they experience similar challenges in dealing with systems that are outdated or they’ve outgrown. What follows is a summary of many of the issues that manufacturers typically face, and why so many have decided to move to NetSuite—the #1 cloud ERP for manufacturing companies. Here, NetSuite customers describe why their companies made the decision, how they’ve implemented NetSuite, and the benefits they’re experiencing. If you are concerned that your current systems are holding your business back, know that you are not alone—and that there is a better way.Download Your Digital Copy” “Download Now” link=”||target:%20_blank|”]”12px”]

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Grow and scale your business while gaining a competitive advantage with NetSuite’s best-in-class integrated cloud business software and Circular Edge’s expertise in NetSuite implementation, advisory, managed services and direct staffing. Let us show you how to leverage our direct staff pool of resources to realize better insights, organizational efficiency, increased profitability and improved relationships with your suppliers and customers – and ultimately take your business to the next level.

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