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Mobile Applications

Oracle Solution

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne has a long list now of out of the box mobile applications available to it’s customers. You can check them out here.

Yours not on the list? JD Edwards EnterpriseOne also supports 2 distinct technologies for building custom Mobile Applications:


  • Mobile Enterprise AIS (Application Interface Services)


  • Mobile Smartphone ADF (Application Development Framework)

Our Approach

Out of the box: Circular Edge can get these apps up in hours/days, not months. We can do a list of them, or help with your first and train you for future deployments. Mobile is the driver in many industries and we are helping make it happen.

Custom: Each above technology has a place with pros and cons. They deploy differently. They implement differently. However, you probably want a firm that can help you identify the pros/cons for your situation with real life experience… That is where Circular Edge comes in!

Irrespective of your choice of using AIS or ADF, and whether you are deploying existing applications, customizing them or building new ones - Circular Edge has the experience and expertise to help meet all your JDE mobility requirements. We offer not only implementation, but quick results and advice, if needed. And our experience makes these projects cost effective and timely, we are experts at this point!

Recent Projects

Deployed out of the box inventory checking on mobile applications for JDE 9.1

Deployed and configured AIS server along with standard mobile applications for a customer running JDE 9.1 with tools release

Developed custom AIS based mobile application for Work Order Time Entry Deployed out of the box inventory checking on mobile applications for JDE 9.1

Deployed Business Services and WLS plugin for a JDE 9.0 customer to enable ADF mobile applications