How & Why We Enjoy Positive, Happy & Flexible Relationships with Our Customers (and Each Other)


One of the first things I noticed upon joining Circular Edge last year is our leadership’s contagious passion for going above and beyond to support the happiness and success of our team and our customers. It is this genuine care for one another that serves as our mission: to remain a positive, happy and flexible work environment made up of brilliant resources who strive to develop new skills while always delivering quality results and innovative solutions to our customers.


Each of us is fully invested in this mission and we dive into every project with enthusiasm, knowing that with our collective skills, experiences, and commitment to customer success, there’s practically no challenge we can’t solve (aka “Redefining Impossible.”)



As recognition of our work, Circular Edge was honored with the 2017 Customer Focus Award for Overall Customer Success Stories at the Oracle JD Edwards Partner Summit. This award is one of our greatest achievements because of what it represents: that we’ve been able to support the professional happiness and success of our customers.



Thus, I was inspired to take one of our core tenets – our commitment to customer success– and dive deeper for my first blog. And perhaps the best way to understand customer success lies within the customer stories themselves. Here is a sample of some of the attributes that are shared consistently in these stories.



We are known for our longstanding and trustworthy customer relationships. Strengthened by a foundation of honesty, integrity, respect and trust, companies in a wide variety of industries have chosen to remain with Circular Edge for many years and consider us a strategic part of their organization’s success, especially when faced with new and/or challenging initiatives. Working in collaboration with our customers to transform their objectives into realities, we provide ongoing guidance and essential resources for a multitude of services – including skills enablement, backup support, discovery and advisory services, technical and functional skill supplementation, project and resource assistance, full upgrades, implementations, and more.


“Circular Edge is my ‘Secret Weapon‘ for Application Integration, Application Development, and Application Security. During my 6 years we have partnered and completed an Application Upgrade, Tools Upgrade, Global ERP Roll-out. Circular Edge always presents top notch resources that blend with my internal resources to accomplish our corporate goals and initiatives. The Smart Help Program allows me to expand and contract resources to deliver on promises to the business on urgent requestsdaily production support, and collaborating with my team to bring out the best solutions. – Vincent Kelly, Sr. Manager Operational Systems, Phibro Animal Health



We are known for our flexible and elastic approach to serving our customers. Our Smart Help skill-based support formula is designed to cover all aspects of a customer’s JD Edwards and Oracle CX ecosystems and to blend with existing resources in the support model that best suits their business. This means that our customers are not locked into contracts or all-or-nothing projects, rather that they have access to a vast array of skills and can quickly expand and contract resources and services as demands of the business fluctuate.



We are known for delivering reliable skills, resources, products, projects, and services on time and on budget. We take the time to understand the business processes, objectives, and strategic goals of each customer upfront in order to identify the approach that best complements the direction of their business. We aren’t afraid of aggressive deadlines, budgetary limitations or dynamic project requirements; rather, we work diligently to align the appropriate skills, expertise, and resources as needed to produce results our customers and our employees can be proud of.


“Circular Edge was able to define, design and develop complex real time and batch integrations with a level of quality that I haven’t seen in my 20 years of implementing JD Edwards.” – Mesh Savant, Director – ERP Programs TriMark USA



We are known for our brilliant people. Our team of more than 150 resources is multi-talented and multi-skilled by design. Our tagline, Redefining Impossible, means that we aren’t afraid to take on seemingly insurmountable projects, or ones that others haven’t been able to solve. Yes, we have a vast pool of resources with extensive knowledge and experience that we can tap into – but what sets us apart is the way that we work together. It’s in the unmistakable synergy and chemistry of our team where we truly shine. Encouragement, trust, and confidence in our leadership and in each of our brilliant resources is key to supporting one another’s success and the belief that with our collective abilities, we are powerful to redefine impossible.



We are known for our leading-edge products. Our investment in serving our customers and helping them to improve their business processes extends to a growing portfolio of products, including Smart Scheduler, an advanced batch process scheduling tool built for JD Edwards; AUTOXCHNG, an automated exchange rate management solution; AtomIQ, a soon-to-be-released action framework for JD Edwards process automation, as well as integration accelerators for Oracle CX Cloud and Deal Flow Automation for Real Estate. Based on customer feedback, we continuously develop and improve these products to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.



We are known for customer success. This is the natural result of developing innovative products while also making our 150+ skills and resources available to customers in whichever way best supports their success at that time.


“[Circular Edge’s] flexible support plans and knowledgeable staff allow us the freedom to run our business. It’s a win-win – we can both concentrate on what we do best.”- Lee Schlosser, Director of Applications, Liberty Property Trust


These six attributes are just a glimpse into how and why we have enjoyed positive, happy, and flexible relationships with our customers and each other. I’m honored to represent this wonderful team and I look forward to many more successes. If you’re inspired to explore how Circular Edge might be able to better support your professional happiness and success, please reach out to us.

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