Great Conference-Quest, JD Edwards, Customers & Vendors-Happy !

"How do they do it ? So many sessions, food, meetings, events ! I am amazed by Collaborate. I am impressed by so many products that work with JDE - so much to take back with me..."

It was good to hear this reaction, being a vendor and the amount of effort our team and others put in for this event was phenomenal - it was many months effort and we believe that it was well worth it. Now that we are back (exhausted !) , I wanted to write a post to thank the Quest International Users Group for creating an amazing user experience. JD Edwards team for amazing sessions and support to both Quest and vendors.

We met many customers new and old, answered tons of questions (some of them lost their voice too !). Its always great to meet passionate customers trying to do innovative things and keeping us on our toes by challenging us :). We always think we do it all and then a customer walks in with a new use case and a need for a solution/product - I love this part of customer interaction - this drives us to do better and come up with better solutions in the growing JDE Ecosystem. Not to forget special mention to our new star Edwards - our new pet - going places.