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  • A Guide to Automation: Month-End Close

      2005: Mike is working at ABC Realty, a real estate investment trust. He is responsible for closing the accounting period for his 100+ companies in different regions with various closing schedules every month. As part of the business process, the accounting teams from different areas send multiple emails, after they have verified that all […]

  • JDEtips – CNC Tips and Tricks for the Newbie
    By request from our customers in the last few years, I have written and presented a great deal on the topic of CNC Tips and Tricks for Newbies and we plan to make much of this content available to our customers via webinars and presentations. We also plan to showcase a series of CNC Tips [...]
  • Circular Edge Online Learning Series – Top 2016 JD Edwards Webinars Now Available On-Demand
    I had a great year hosting our webinar series & wanted to share the best of our Circular Edge educational sessions with you, the JD Edwards community. May your 2017 be enriched by continued learning & growth! Page Composer - Empower Users to quickly & easily create their own dynamic personalized layouts JDE E1 9.2 [...]
  • Integrated ERP/CX Digital Experiences
    Circular Edge had a busy 2016 with new Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud implementation and integration projects. While some companies are starting with just one or two CX cloud applications there are also others that have been purchasing an entire suite of CX cloud apps In most circumstances there has been an established Modernization or [...]
  • Smart Scheduler Discount Program Available Now
    Up to 29-50% Discounts available to Cities, Counties, Non-Profits, Small Businesses, Canadian Companies & MORE! Circular Edge designed Smart Scheduler so that ALL JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers could profit from utilizing an Advanced Batch Process Scheduling Tool. Until now however JUST manufacturer, distributor, retail, life sciences and real estate companies ALONE have benefited! (and they've [...]
  • JDE E1 Mobile Apps Use Case Matrix Available Now!
    At OpenWorld 2016 Circular Edge's CEO sAchin Choudhari and myself delivered an educational session and live demo of "Mobile Applications Up and Running in Less Than an Hour" The original objective was to show attendees how to rapidly get out-of-the-box mobile applications up and running in a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment, in less than an [...]
  • Late to the Upgrade Party? 4 Benefits of moving to JD Edwards 9.2
    How many times have you been late to a party, so late that you skip it altogether? Are you making the right decision by doing so? When is it time to finally act? JD Edwards customers who have fallen behind on upgrading to newer versions may have this question cross their minds each time Oracle [...]
  • The Countdown Begins: FASB/IASB Updates for JD Edwards
    Revenue as Relative? ‘Revenue’, is one of the most critical measurements used by global investors in assessing a company’s yearly performance and growth. But surprisingly, the methods to measure this important aspect differ greatly. US GAAP had complex, detailed, and disparate revenue recognition requirements for specific transactions and industries. As a result, different industries used [...]
  • Upgrading to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2? Two Steps for a Successful Upgrade
    This is custom heading element Why do we fall short in utilizing new features? All too often, stakeholders are hesitant to suggest process improvements that help them fully utilize new features. Instead, we focus on survival and getting back to the status quo. So often refining business processes is overlooked -- and we sacrifice the [...]
  • Automated Currency Exchange Rates for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
    As a full-service Oracle JD Edwards service provider Circular Edge has been helping customers enhance operational efficiency since 2003. Over the years it became obvious that customers needed a good automated solution for managing currency exchange in JD Edwards. Many customers have implemented manual processes for currency exchange which utilize the standard Z process. While [...]
  • Great Conference-Quest, JD Edwards, Customers & Vendors-Happy !
    "How do they do it ? So many sessions, food, meetings, events ! I am amazed by Collaborate. I am impressed by so many products that work with JDE - so much to take back with me..." It was good to hear this reaction, being a vendor and the amount of effort our team and [...]
  • QA Testing for your JD Edwards 9.2 Upgrade
    Ensuring Project Success through End-To-End Quality & Risk Mitigation is important aspect of any project. While, everyone is focused on the latest JD Edwards 9.2 upgrade, its a good time to take a step back and analyze the entire applications and systems footprint. The objectives of JDE Testing are to verify that the installed system, [...]
  • Smart Help: A Unique Managed Services Offering
    A Unique Help Desk and Staffing Solution Every growing company faces IT staffing challenges. When do you hire more people, and what expertise in particular do you need? For how long will you need them? How can you anticipate how spending more on human resources will affect your bottom line? As today’s executives wrestle with [...]
  • JDE Managed Services (Smart Help)
    Circular Edge offers various JDE Managed Services (Smart Help) packages for your needs. Some of our packages include: Smart Engage Smart Retainer Smart On Demand Managed Services (Smart Help) can be customized to suit your needs (Ex. 16 Hours/Week) or can be Time & Material. Skills Offered: JD Edwards (E1) Business Services Value Chain Planning [...]