CE Demonstrates Support of Higher Ed in Reimagining Student Engagement Practices

“19766” “CE Demonstrates Support of Higher Ed in Reimagining Student Engagement Practices ” 12px”]Understanding the remarkable opportunity for organizations to adopt and modernize their digital technologies to remain competitive in a post-pandemic world, CE continues to align its resources to support higher education institutions in overcoming challenges with reaching, engaging & retaining current and prospective students.

As a sponsor of the upcoming Alliance Virtual 2021, CE will demonstrate how customers can rapidly realize the benefits of intuitive, intelligent marketing automation with Eloqua by leveraging CE’s Fast Track Implementation offering, enabling customers to adopt and deploy Eloqua in four weeks.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary 1on1 marketing automation roadmap review. Register to join the live session and access the replay on-demand:

“20px”]Further, Circular Edge is making it easier for higher education institutions to not only engage students remotely, but also deliver mobile capabilities to campus staff with the AtomIQ Mobile Framework.

Attendees can learn how to rapidly build their own mobile applications and explore available out-of-the-box mobile solutions with AtomIQ along with 160+ Smart Help  skills, resources & services that are available for customers to tap into on demand by visiting CE’s virtual exhibit booth.

“20px”]In addition, Circular Edge has made available several complimentary digital resources to further support not only the higher education industry, but also the Oracle community as a whole:

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